Monday, August 26, 2013

Ramen Ikkyu - New Special Ramen Range

Just when I thought the Ikkyu shoyu ramen was more than enough to keep me coming back to Ramen Ikkyu, Haru-san comes up with more awesomeness!  A few weeks ago, Ramen Ikkyu released a special ramen range. Chef Haru was kind enough to invite me to try some of the new specials.
Chashu ramen
The chashu ramen ($16) uses the Ikkyu shoyu ramen as a base but with more slices of their delicious Ikkyu chashu. You get multiple hits of their chashu's slightly smoky and sweet caramelised flavours. The more meat the merrier!
Pork rib ramen
The pork rib ramen ($20) also uses shoyu paitan soup as its base broth. It's pretty much like their Ikkyu shoyu ramen but with a massive slab of twice-cooked ribs. The ribs has been braised in a special stock for many hours and then lightly seared. The meat is so tender that it fell off the bones. It was flavoursome and slightly sweet just like their chashu.
Sweet and spicy dry noodles
Last but not least is their sweet and spicy dry noodles ($14), which is also known in Japan as abura-soba. It is dry egg noodles dressed with any sauce or oil but Ikkyu uses a sweet and spicy sesame oil and shoyu for theirs.Then topped with chashu, soft boiled egg, bean sprouts, corn kernels, sautéed onions and carrots. It is mind blowing!  Another kind of perfection in it's simplicity of both presentation and taste. The combination of sesame, light soy, sweet, spicy and more sweetness from the veggies works together in harmony to please the taste buds.

After trying some dishes from the special ramen range, I'm very keen to return to try the rest! Chef Haru Inukai has harnessed his cooking prowess and techniques once again to take ramen dinning experience to another level.

Ramen Raff dined as a guest of Ramen Ikkyu.

Ramen Ikkyu
Shop F1A, Sussex Centre Food Court
401 Sussex Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Trading hours:
Monday to Sunday 12pm - 8:30pm (at present, subject to change)


  1. Holy moly, look at the size of that RIB!!!

  2. yes, now I need to go back. SO MUCH GOODNESS!

  3. What Tina says. Definitely going back.
    I went head over heels for their chashu!

  4. Had the pork rib ramen the other day. Gotta love meat on the bone!

  5. I want that pork rib ramen - never seen this before! Yummo :)

  6. Wow - the chashu ramen looks freaking amazing. Still haven't had a chance to try this place out yet :( Must find time soon...

  7. Omg awesome pieces of chashu!! I will have to try this place soon - everyone's raving about it :D

  8. OMG THE RIB ramen *drools*. I am so excited when i return to visit :) must get my ramen fix!

  9. Ramen is making a hit all over the town! that pork rib ramen looks like a feast for a king!

  10. that rib looks crazy! went past ramen ikkyu recently and saw all the new dishes. so much to try now!

  11. An elegant piece of improvisation with an irresistible ingredient combination.

  12. Just as soon as we try every ramen there, they go and make more! Very interested to try the sweet and spicy dry noodles, they look like a taste I've been after for some time.

  13. i stil havent been! work keeps on getting in the way!


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