Thursday, December 31, 2020

Best Hongdae Food: BBQ Chicken, Monster Tteokbokki, Jangjagjib Tongdak, Mom's Touch, Astronomers Coffee and Imi Patisserie

Seoul Feb 2020, Day 1:
Scroll down for a link to my vlog
My first night and first full day in Hongdae last February 2020 was already packed with so much eats! I stayed at L7 Lotte Hotel Hongdae for the duration of our Feb 2020 stay in Seoul.

OG fried chicken at Mom's Touch

Fried chicken sandwich at Mom's Touch

Odeng and more from Monster Tteokbokki

Tteokbokki from Monster Tteokbokki

Flat white from Astronomers Coffee

Cheese & corn nurungji tongdak (charcoal bbq chicken) from Jangjagjib

Apple crumble from Imi

Orange flake Bingsu from Imi

I also ate at 2 famous fried chicken chain stores in Seoul: BBQ Chicken and Mom’s Touch. All followed by a visit to a famous Tongdak (Korean bbq chicken) shop, specialty coffee shop and patisserie in Hongdae.

Link below to the vlog:

L7 Hongdae: BBQ Chicken, Hongdae (Near exit 8 of Hongik University Station): Mom’s Touch: Monster Tteokbokki: Astronomer’s Coffee: Jangjakjib Tongdak, Hongdae: Patisserie x Roastery Imi: Pocket wifi Korea: