Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ume Burger - Barangaroo, Sydney

The Streets of Barangaroo is one of the most popular and still growing dining districts in Sydney. Since the completion of Wynyard Walk, access to Barangaroo has been super easy! Just take exit 4 from Wynyard station and you're there in about 5-7 minutes.

Walk down straight to Wulugul Walk near the water and you will find one of my most loved burgers in Sydney, Ume Burger! My homie Kerby Craig (Executive chef and owner) and the Ume family has done a great job with the set-up. The space is all about wabi-sabi: minimalist, simple, uncluttered and beautiful. It works for Ume Burger and it reflects the type of Japanese-style burgers they offer: simple, beautiful, perfect, and no nonsense. It's all about treating the produce with respect and making flavours work right. The other two things that made me excited about the new Ume burger is their vending machine that has Calpis and a D.I.Y. SOFT CREAM MACHINE!!!

Yuzu brown sugar soda

The soft cream (to be exact) from a DIY soft serve machine is Hokkaido style where the soft serve base is milk and infused with Ume's flavour of the week. In this case, strawberry and shiso!! It tasted like fresh strawberries and milk with notes of citrus and cilantro.

Here are the classics:
Fries with umami salt ($4.80) was on point! What's even better is that you can get a nori mayo ($1) as a dip. Do yourself a favour and get this highly addictive dip full of deep flavours.

The Ume burger ($14.60) is as umami packed as ever! A cheeseburger with perfectly medium-cooked grilled Wagyu beef patty, melted American cheese and meat sauce in a soft lightly toasted milk bun. The burger is balanced with the sharp flavour of chopped onions, sweet pulpy juice from the truss tomato and creamy mayo. The beef is one of the juiciest and beautifully seasoned patty I've had.

The Menchi burger ($14.80) is back! Handmade pork katsu, mild mustard, tonkatsu sauce, spanish onion and shredded cabbage in a soft lightly toasted milk bun. I love the contrast of textures you get from the tender ground pork and crisped golden coating of the pork katsu patty. The bite and acidity of the mustard and umami from the tonkatsu sauce compliments the pork katsu well.

The ebi burger ($15.50) is my all-time favourite Ume Burger item. Handmade prawn katsu patty, Japanese tartare sauce and shredded cabbage in a soft lightly toasted milk bun. The prawn katsu has a golden-crisped crumb coating and perfectly cooked prawns.

I have always loved the philosophy of "perfection in simplicity". That's probably why I love the work Bar Ume and Ume Burger does. Congrats Kerby and team Ume!

Ume Burger
Wulugul Walk
Barangaroo NSW 2000
Opening hours:
11am till late (around 10 to 11pm) everyday

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