Monday, October 15, 2018

Crafted Addiction - Marrickville, Sydney

Circa Espresso in Parramatta is not only an established icon in the Sydney cafe scene but it also breeds top-notch alumnus. Take Stitch Coffee roasters and Meraki Merchants for instance. Another ex-Circa barista has recently opened a cafe in Marrickville.

The new Crafted Addiction is located near Marrickville train station. Owner and head barista Yianni designed the shop with old Circa offshoot Three Ropes in mind. The space has a mediterranean vibe to it and some vintage fittings. The food has Modern Australian, Greek and Asian influences.

The coffee here is amazing! Yianni himself roasts the house blend. It is heavy on Ethiopian coffee and nicely blended with some coffee from Peru. It tasted quite bold and fruity in my flat white. Stitch Coffee roasts all the single origin coffees used in the shop. The Colombian coffee I had as an espresso tasted sweet and vibrant with notes of red wine. 

Classic dishes like eggs benedict ($17) is available. You get a choice of either smoked salmon or beef bacon. The lovely salmon came with the usual hollandaise and spinach on toast.

Another classic available with a twist is their pancakes ($18). Stacks of soft pancakes topped with poached pear, calebaut chocolate, and blueberries with earl grey syrup and pear cream on the side. I feel like the pancakes needed to be a bit more fluffy but nevertheless the combination of flavours worked well. Be warned, this dish is massive!

The mixed mushroom broth ($18) udon dish is available for breakfast and lunch. It came with spring onions, swiss brown, enoki, udon and a choice of onsen egg or tofu. I opted for the egg of course. I'm a fan of anything-mushroom broth and this one was just one big comforting bowl of goodness. Majority of the flavours were a good balance of sweet and notes of sour flavour with light umami. The noodles were also perfectly cooked and had a nice chew to it. 

There's more on the menu that I would like to try like sagnaki prawns and Marrickville fried chicken burger. You guys definitely need to check them out for superb coffee, delicious food and excellent service.

Crafted Addtiction
Shop 6/359 Illawara Road, 
Marrickville NSW 2020
Monday to Friday 6am to 4pm
Saturday to Sunday 7am to 4pm

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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Mikazuki Ramen pop-up, Sydney

I love the ramen community in Sydney! Everyone is very supportive of each other specially towards the ramen shops. A new shop in Sydney CBD has been brought to my attention early this week by Chef Tomoyuki and my homie Frankie of Mr & Mrs Chopsticks.

Mikazuki Ramen (not to be confused with Mikazuki Restaurant in Parramatta & Strathfield) is a hidden ramen pop-up shop located on George Street in Sydney CBD. Chef Tsuyoshi and his team will take over Club Crescent for the next 3 months Monday to Friday lunch only. Club Crescent is a hidden underground bar near Flight Centre and Hilton Hotel. The space itself has a very vintage Tokyo bar & lounge vibe. I recently visited Mikazuki with my Hopeless Ramentic Squad. Vivian, Priscilla and I actually felt like we were back in Tokyo because the rest of the customers were Japanese.

There are 4 ramen choices on offer: Chicken & pork (with a choice of soy, miso or salt bonito tare), salt lime corriander, salt shrimp and niboshi. Each ramen already has toppings and the “Toppings” section on the menu means extras. There’s also donburi’s available like pork chashu, pork mince ginger and pork garlic, which comes in large or mini size.

The Anchovy (niboshi) ramen ($15) was insane! If you’re a big fan of that strong umami flavours then this ramen is for you. The broth reminded me of Shichisai at Hatchobori’s soup which is Kitakata-style. Heavy on the niboshi in a meat soup base I’m guessing. The consistency was light but heavy and complex in flavour. The noodles are cooked medium and quite similar to some ramen shops in Sydney. It was topped with 1 whole ajitsuke tamago (ajitama), a big chunk of super tender & tasty chashu, chopped onions, kikugare and a massive shredded nori moulded together. The onion was perfect for cutting through all that fishy umami in the broth. The ajitama was nicely seasoned with hints of sweetness and a slightly runny yolk.

The soy chicken and pork ramen ($15) is pretty much a Kyoto-style kotteri ramen. Super thick almost gravy-like broth had a good balance of chicken and pork flavours with sweet notes. Umami factor was around medium level. Toppings included are chashu, green onion, 1 whole ajitama, and kikurage.

The salt shrimp ramen ($15) was very unique and reminded me of the prawn ramen shops in Osaka. The broth was mildly cloudy and had a suprisingly balanced amount of prawn umami and the salt factor was just there to bring out the goodness of the prawns. The toppings included were chashu, ajitama, onion, nori and kikurage. Again, I really appreciate the use of onion as a component to cut through the umami and saltiness in the broth.

I would definitely come back here a few more times as much as I can before the pop-up ends. Service is friendly and fast. The concept here is pretty much in line with what’s trending in Japan right now. Hit them up ASAP guys!

Mikazuki Ramen
468-472 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Monday to Friday lunch only
11:30am to 2:30pm
last order 2:00pm

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

RaRa Ramen, Redfern

There’s a new ramen joint in town! Redfern is a growing culinary hub in Sydney and is the perfect gallery where the new RaRa ramen shop can showcase their art of ramen.


Scott Gault

Scott Gault is the man behind RaRa Redfern and a fellow ramen crusher like myself. Scott travelled different prefectures in Japan to train and get consultation to create the best possible noodles, tare, toppings and broth for Rara’s ramen. The space looks like a high end izakaya and I’m digging the ramen neon sign. The noodles they use is Hakata-style, which means it’s low hydration, thin and quick to whip up. All noodles are made in-house daily. You get a choice of three types of ramen: Tonkotsu ramen, pork shoyu and vegetarian ramen. We tried the tonkotsu and shoyu ramen.

First of all, I need to give a huge shout out to Scott for his insanely good Hakata-style noodles. Scott cooks the noodles legit katame (usual way Hakata noodles is cooked), which is a tad more firm than al dente. The noodles cooked further within the broth. The tonkotsu ramen’s ($16.90) pork bone broth is white in colour and creamy in consistency. Scott uses shio tare (salt) seasoning just to bring out the pork flavour goodness rather than giving it complexity. The umami factor is around medium level. Again, this is a typical Hakata-style practice to season the broth. Toppings include  kikurage, negi, menma, 1/2 hanjuku tamago and an insanely delicious aburi chashu. Although the menu says Ajitsuke egg, the tamago we got were not flavoured. Having said that, the eggs were perfectly cooked with a slightly runny yolk.

We also tried his pork shoyu ramen ($16.90). The pork soy broth had more umami than the tonkotsu and it also had peppery notes. It was topped with aburi chashu, bean sprouts, negi and 1/2 hanjuku tamago. It's definitely a refined bowl of ramen and also my favourite.

I’m glad to see a ramen joint that puts more emphasis on the noodles that they use. It is afterall a big part of ramen. Service is also quite fast. Go check them out guys!

Rara Redfern
60b Regent St
Redfern NSW

Tuesday to Wednesday 12pm-2:30pm, 5pm-9:30pm

Thursday to Saturday
12pm-2:30pm, 5pm-10pm

Sunday 12pm-2:30pm, 5pm-8:30pm

Closed on Monday

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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Fich at Petersham

There is no doubt that fish and chips is an iconic duo in Australia. My highschool days are full of so much great memories of visits to local fish and chips shops. The aroma in the air and music of frying batter to seeing dashes of chicken salt sprinkled on the hot chips was a jolly sensory experience for me. I have enjoyed so many fish and chips in my life but not as much as my recent visit to Fich Petersham.

Right in the center of Petersham is where you’ll find Jose Silva (Sweet Bellem co-owner & ex-Bennelong chef) and Manny Paraiso’s (also an ex-Bennelong chef) seafood restaurant. All the seafood used are fresh and top quality. From the mussels to calamari and fish.  The space has a mix of Scandinavian and coastal interior design that gives out a bright and airy relaxed feeling. I’ve been waiting for Fich to open and have been a long time follower of Manny on Instagram. So I was so excited to have finally visited them.

I tried their take on a classic, Fich and chips ($18). Hands down, this is my favourite fish and chips in Sydney right now. Fich uses a tasty, sweet and juicy New Zealand ling fish that is  battered into thick baton-like shaped and deep fried. Not only is the batter’s thick wafer- like texture amazing but it tastes so damn good too. The perfect golden hot chips appears to be battered too and is crisped on the outside and is fluffy on the inside. Both fish and chips are well seasoned. Also, you need to try this with their mayo aioli!

If you want to sample a few seafoods, then try their Ficherman’s basket ($22). Deep fried battered fish, calamari, and mussels with their perfect golden hot chips. Oh, have I mentioned how much I like their spuds??! hahaha

Also, I freakin love the watermelon kombucha here!! 

Public Service Announcement: y’all have to try their ice cream sandwich ($8 each)! It is lit fam! They rotate the ice cream flavours. We had chocolate on our visit. But the flaky sweet pastry with salted caramel is the highlight!!!! It is so damn good!

I love Sweet Bellem and their Portuguese tarts. The best in Sydney in my opion. So, I was so happy when chef Manny sent us a tweaked Sweet Bellem tart on the house (normally $7). It had strawberry, pistachio and meringue. 

If you need a reason to visit Petersham, this is it! Delicious fried fresh seafoods, crisped hot chips, decadent desserts and excellent service. 

Fich Petersham
Shop 3-4
98-106 Audley Street
Petersham NSW
Hours: Wednesday to Sunday 12pm to 9pm

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