Saturday, July 12, 2014

Brooklyn Social, Surry Hills

The initials you see on that burger bun is not what you think it means. It doesn't mean "Bull Shark" I swear! hahaha. It's the initials of a newly opened bar and dining joint called Brooklyn Social. The Surry Hills dining scene just got a lot tastier with the addition of this establishment.

Brooklyn Social is a bar restaurant influenced by American diners with a rock and roll theme. Some remnants of the old Mexico restaurant are still around. But the transformation that Brooklyn Social made has utilised the space well. It gave the place better lighting and some industrial hipster vibe. There's a huge gin and whiskey based cocktail list and a menu full of milk bar/American diner classics. After seeing the photos of food taken by Alana of Alana Bread a few days ago, I knew in that instant that I needed to visit this place. A lunch with JB Jose and The Heart of Food paved way to this visit.

Uptown sour cocktail

I tried one of their cocktails, which was the uptown sour ($17). It had monkey shoulder whiskey shaken with Lairds applejack, lemon juice and cinnamon syrup served over a cider block. If you like a citrusy cocktail that does not hold back on whiskey, then this baby is for you!
Southern fried chicken

The Southern fried chicken ($10) is one classic one shouldn't miss when ordering. The rippled batter was full of glorious crunch and it also had that sweet-ish Southern spice blend with strong notes of cayenne pepper, garlic and onion. It also came with a delicious truffle aioli dip.
Onion rings

The onion rings ($6) had a perfect light crisped batter and soft sweet onion on the inside. It was nicely seasoned and super addictive!

1/2 Rack beef ribs with sticky bbq sauce

They also have beef ribs ($17 for half rack) in the menu that came with some basic slaw and a little jar of extra barbecue sauce. The sauce had some nice sweet and tangy flavours with a very light note of bourbon. Even if the meat was not as tender as I thought it would be, I still really enjoyed it.

Hell's Kitchen dog ($8) - pickled jalapenos, smoked ancho-chilli and tomato salsa
Meat-packing district burger (1/4 pounder)

I must admit that when I was about to dive in to the "meat packing district" burger ($14), I could hear DJ Snake and Lil Jon's "Turn Down For What " song playing in my head. The monster burgers are not normally my thing but this was an exception. It was both monster in size and taste! The double wagyu beef patty was absolutely flavoursome and juicy. I couldn't help but adore the sexy melted American cheese, which also provided a nice texture to the burger. The tomato, pickles, onions and the Brooklyn Social special sauce were the other components that complete this burger for me. The soft sweet bun used makes the handling of this burger much easier (phew!).

I saw a lot of other awesome items on the menu that I would love to try! I would definitely go back to try their caramel-injected donuts. Another good thing about this place is that it's just right across from Central Station!

Brooklyn Social
17 Randle St
Surry Hills NSW

Trading hours:
Daily 12pm to 2am
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  1. Making my way here ASAP! And I agree, Alana's pics of this place are breathtaking!

  2. My goodness, this place looks fabulous. Really, really want to dig this burger! Will definitely hit this place up - HARD.

  3. let me know when you are heading back... I am up for it!

  4. Ooohhoo that Burger!!! I wonder if they'd do it as a single patty instead of two. I'd be too worried it would be way to meaty..

  5. omg that burger... i need that in my life!

  6. They're popping up on my insta a lot lately!
    The burger needs to be devoured by me! XD

  7. Ah, so THAT's what happened to the old Mexico. I work around the corner so I really should have been more on top of it... but I guess that's why I do the recipes and not the reviews... I'm never on top of the cool locations. That burger looks spectacular! Methinks I'll be headed there for Friday Lunch!

  8. that fried chicken!!! so good that it's $10!

  9. omggg that burger with the BS initialed bun - wanna have it now! Those onion rings looks good too

  10. Dude, you're the king of dude food. We've gotta go HAM together one of these days.

  11. ill take that fried chicken and ribs thanks!

  12. *����FANS FACE* This place is crazy. Yessssess to all that fraaaad chicken and ribs.

  13. This place hasn't had such a successful history but these folks deserve to do well. The food is not bad. I went on a wed lunch and it was empty. They said lunch is slow but dinner apparently is good.

  14. Burger with the melted cheese looks delicious! Yum!

  15. I love that you can glaze your own beef ribs with as much sauce as you like!

  16. dammm that burger looks so boss. how could it not when it is covered in so much sexy cheese

  17. Oh my goodness, that burger and that melty cheese oozing down the patty :9

  18. Unique and elegant design, full of retro features

  19. My dude you are TOO KIND. So juicy.


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