Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Black Betty BBQ Weekends at The Oxford Tavern, Petersham

The Drink N Dine group is an unstoppable force. The folks behind Forresters, Queenies, House of Crabs and Chica Linda has extended their empire towards the Inner West. They have revamped the Oxford Tavern with their own take on pub staples like tacos, burgers, schnitzels, fish and chips, steaks and more.

Drink N Dine Eexecutive Chef, Jamie Thomas
The gorgeous Black Betty BBQ smoker

One of the best things of Drink N Diner taking over the tavern is that on weekends, the outdoor courtyard area is transformed to a Texan style smokehouse barbecue area. American slow cooked meats and Australian bbq classics are cooked via their "Black Betty" BBQ smoker where meats are cooked for over 18 hours low and slow. Besides the marinade used for the meats, the smoke from redwood, ironbark and apple tree wood adds a special unique smoky flavour to all the meats in the slow cooking process. I love how you can pick which meat you want and choose the quantity. They charge the meat by the weight:

Beef brisket $8 per 100 grams
Beef short ribs $8 per 100 grams
Pulled pork $6 per 100 grams
Lamb ribs $6 per 100 grams
Smoked 1/4 chicken $8 each  
Smoked pork snag $7 each

The pork ribs were $7 per 100grams and were a special last weekend (specials change every weekend).

Some barbecue loving food bloggers and I were invited for a "meat-up" to sample the barbecue dishes off the Black Betty BBQ:
BBQ sampling tray: Pork ribs, dino ribs (Beef), beef brisket, pulled pork, lamb ribs, smoked pork snag and smoked chicken with soft buns, burnt end beans and slaw
Meat sampling trays were served. Along with the barbecue meats were some coleslaw, soft sweet buns and burnt end beans.
Burn end beans surrounded by glorious bbq meats
The burnt end beans ($6) were smoky and sweet. The enhanced smoky flavour and name comes from the beef brisket's "burnt ends" used to make the sauce for the beans.
Beef brisket (front)
Pork ribs
Pulled pork and smoky chicken
My brain went smoky barbecue overload at the sight of this precious trays of slow-cooked meat goodness. It was all things glorious. Out of all the meats, it was the tender fatty brisket, succulent smoky chicken and super tasty lamb ribs that stood out.
Black Betty BBQ sauce
If you choose to take it up a notch to another level of awesomeness, pour some of the housemade Black Betty BBQ sauce over the meats. It was very smoky with sweet, malt vinegar, and tangy notes.

If you have never had American/Texan style barbecue slow cooked meat before, then head down to the Oxford Tavern for a meat-up check it out yo!

Ramen Raff was invited by the Drink N Dine group as a guest of The Oxford Tavern.

Black Betty BBQ Weekends at The Oxford Tavern
1 New Canterbury Rd, Petersham NSW 2049
(02) 8019 9351
Weekend BBQ Hours
Saturday and Sunday 12:30pm until barbecue meats run out
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  1. Look at all those glorious meat mm :) Love it how they make their own BBQ sauce!

  2. Hngggg, if only I still attended high school at Petersham, I'd be hitting this place up way too often for my own good!

  3. OMFG! Was planning to come here last weekend but cancelled. Mmmm look at those briskets!

  4. Is there anything better than smokey, charred meat? Your pork wib photo is killing me.


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