Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chur Burger, Surry Hills

My love affair with burgers takes me to adventures as far as making it at home and searching for it throughout Sydney. The good thing about Twitter is that the search for good food is made easy when someone shares news of upcoming eating places. Thanks to a tweet tip from the new Albion Street Kitchen, I have found a new happy place called Chur Burger.

Chur Burger 
Chur Burger is a joint brought to us by the two awesome Chefs of Albion Street Kitchen, Warren Turnbull and Grant Astle. Their names sound familiar right? They are the same phenomenal Chefs who were in charge of District Dining. The new Chur Burger is a little hidden gem located on Beauchamp Lane (behind Albion Street Kitchen. It is a rustic and funky eating joint tucked away in a city suburban laneway that specialises in burgers. Chur Burger means "awesome burger". Everybody loves awesome burgers and that includes myself!

Pork burger
On my first visit, I had a pork burger ($10). It was tender pulled pork with red slaw, fennel mayo and CHUR barbecue sauce in a brioche bun. The pork was very tasty and the crunch from the fresh red slaw worked well. The fennel mayo was fantastic, it complimented the pork.
Apricot milkshake
The apricot milkshake ($7.50) was made from fresh apricot puree made in the premises. It was quite light and comforting.
Beef burger
I returned the next day and had their beef burger ($10). It was a sensational burger with beef patty, melted cheese, tomato jam, mustard mayo and gherkins. The beef was grilled to perfection with the juices and great flavour kept intact. The creamy melted cheese and tomato jam passing through my mouth was a golden moment. The fluffy and buttery brioche bun perfectly held the whole burger together. It was a pretty big serving.
Chips with chilli salt
The chunky chips with chilli salt ($5.50) were a really good side to the burger. It was slightly crisped outside and soft inside. The chilli salt seasoning was not spicy but it gave the chips a little kick.

 So, are their burgers as awesome as the name says they are? Absolutely! Nothing short of excellent coming from two of Sydney's top chefs. I'm so glad that they decided to do burgers. Chur bro!

Chur Burger update!

Here's some new items on Chur Burger's new menu:

Bbq wings with blue cheese dressing $10

Lamb burger -grilled lamb, mint sauce, feta, and aioli $10

Pork crackling with smoked aioli

Chur Burger
48 Albion Street
Surry Hills NSW

Trading hours: 
Monday 11:30am-5pm
Tuesday-Saturday 11:30am-10am

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