Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pavel & Co, Sydney

A few days ago, I just had this massive craving for a cheeseburger. As most of my go to places for burgers are outside the Sydney CBD, I desperately searched for a place that would fill that gap. Then I found a photo of a classic cheeseburger on Google that led me to Pavel & Co. I felt my heart throw fist pumps as soon as I found out that they are situated in the CBD.

Pavel & Co is located on Kent Street near Wynyard station and King Street Wharf. This produce-driven cafe/fast casual dining place is the latest addition to the Pony Dining Group run by Head Chef Jimmy. It has an industrial look and a relaxed vibe. Their menu features spit roasted meats, which are cooked in the premises. Meats are served in buns, freshly baked paninis, and lunch boxes (with sides of salads and brown rice). In-house baked pastries are also available. They have been operating for 6 months and I have no idea how something as great as Pavel & Co. has slipped through my radar. The brioche buns are sourced from Infinity Bakery. I decided to try out their coffee and bun dishes over a few days because I heart coffee and buns!

The beans are sourced from Gabriel Coffee. I opted for a flat white on my first visit. The coffee had a medium to full body and the milk was textured nicely and at a good temperature.

Bun #1
Pork belly bun
The pork belly bun ($8 - only available up to 10.30am) was on another level of awesomeness! It was roasted pork belly with crackling, egg, chilli relish, hoisin sauce and toasted buckwheat in a soft buttery brioche bun. If you can have bacon or ham for breakfast why not a pork belly with glorious tiles of crackling and melt-in-your-mouth tender fatty right?! The runny egg yolk for extra textural amplification to the pork. The mild chilli relish and hoisin sauce gave this dish sweet, sour and spiced flavours.

Bun #2
Mushroom brioche
Another breakfast option is their mushroom brioche ($6.50). It had field mushrooms, sunny egg, beetroot relish, feta, toasted buckwheat and crispy kale in a brioche bun. The highlight is the collaboration of flavours from the smoky and slightly vinegary soft mushrooms, feta cheese and sweet beetroot relish that works so well. If you're a mushroom lover like me, then you need to try this!

Bun #3
Wagyu cheeseburger

Shoestring fries
Last but not the least is the item that paved the way for my visit, their wagyu cheeseburger ($13). It is just too legit to quit! Encased in a soft brioche bun is a medium rare Blackmore wagyu beef patty (sourced from the renowned Victor Churchill), American cheese, pickles, onions, mayo and ketchup. It was classic and simply perfect! The patty had a smoky chargrilled flavour and was well seasoned. The shoestring fries is an optional extra for $4 or you can get a burger deal with fries and drink for $19.

I was also able to sample some complimentary roast meats (thanks Chef Jimmy!). As much as I enjoyed the pulled pork, smoky roast chicken and roast lamb, it was the roast pork that stole my heart. The pork was super tender and well-seasoned with crackling cooked to crisped perfection. I must also add they make a mean chimichurri!

Pavel & Co is a great addition to the breakfast/lunch scene in Sydney CBD. The roast lamb, roast pork, and pulled pork are nothing short of excellent. I love how everything is kept simple but as the great Anthony Bourdain said "Great is very often, even most often, simple food". Keep an eye on the lamb burger! Word on the street is that it is pretty amazing.

Pavel & Co
1/222 Kent Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9146 0716
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 6:30am-4:00pm

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  1. Wonder why they stop the pork belly burger after 10:30am :O Because it totally sounds like an all day kind of burger!

  2. So many good burger places to try out at the moment! I could go for some of those pork belly bun burgers right now :)

  3. Holy crap, those buns look delish. Serving them only until 10:30am - that's risky! Luckily, I can walk here, so perhaps it's time for some porking loving.

  4. simple food is sometimes the best of foods. can't wait to check this place out!!! look at those burgersssss

  5. You had me at 'Wagyu Cheeseburger' :)

  6. Sydney's burger game right now is A++++. Thank you once again for your comprehensive review of more burgers for me to try :')

  7. Whoa. Those buns look legit. And your pics make them even more delicious-looking. Burger-porn! :D

  8. sometimes the best of foods. can't wait to check this place out! I could go for some of those pork belly bun burgers right now Thank you for sharing this with us I am very happy to be able to read it all I hope to read it again on another day I love you all may God bless


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