Saturday, June 28, 2014

Handcraft Specialty Coffee, Newtown

Flat white
Newtown is known for its eclectic and vibrant Bohemian culture. In recent months, its specialty coffee culture has significantly flourished. The opening of the new Handcraft Specialty Coffee on King Street adds to Newtown's amazing cafe scene.

Handcraft Specialty Coffee brings a hipster and chic vibe to the area. They are also currently the only carrier of the Sensory Lab coffee beans in the area. They also feature other beans weekly like Proud Mary and Market Lane. Espresso and filter coffee brewing methods are both on offer here. Thanks to David Jiew's burger recommendation that I found out about them. Sensory Lab beans plus burgers could only mean one thing; visiting them ASAP is a must!
Piccolo latte
We started with a flat white ($3.50) and a piccolo latte ($3.50). Sensory Lab's Steadfast blend was used for both. The coffee was full-bodied with notes of milk chocolate and a nutty finish. Their head barista John got the milk temperature and texture spot on. I prefer the Steadfast blend as a flat white due to its strong flavour profile. The blend cuts through the milk nicely.
Seoul bite burger with chips


The Seoul Bite Burger with chips ($12) was the other reason for this visit. The sweet soy beef patty retained a lot of juicy goodness, was slightly sweet and flavoursome. The sweet tomato relish, mustard, pickles and onion gave it that classic cheeseburger taste. The bun is a little bit on the dense side but the burger as a whole was delicious. The nicely seasoned chips were crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.
Fried eggs with bacon jam, hash browns, roasted rosemary tomatoes and toast

Bacon jam

The fried eggs with sourdough toast, roasted rosemary tomatoes, hash browns and bacon jam ($12) was a next level kind of breakfast. Yes, you read that right! It had BACON JAM!!! It was like a caramelised sweet and slightly salty meat relish with flavour that reminded me of char siu (Cantonese-style barbecued pork). Spread it on your toast and fried eggs with runny egg yolk and you got yourself a breakfast party in a plate.

I love everything about Handcraft Specialty Coffee! The pleasant service combined with excellent coffee and food are just a few of the reasons to return. A great addition to both Newtown and the Sensory Lab family.

Handcraft Specialty Coffee
67 King Street
Newtown NSW
Ph:02 9550 3701
Trading hours:
Monday - Saturday 7pm to 4pm

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  1. OMG Bacon jam! That looks so good! Nice post! :)

  2. Bacon Jam is where it's at! Wasn't really thinking much of this café until I saw that! Mutant food? I say bring it on!

  3. Say whattt BACON JAM?!? I wanna try it now!

  4. bacon jam?!?! been going to Newtown so much these days so will definitely keep an eye out for this

  5. WHOA BACON JAM! Gotta get me some of that!

  6. Bacon jam.. Where have you been in my whole life??

  7. Bacon jam.. Where have you been in my whole life??

  8. Lovely looking spot. I like hole in the wall places like that. And BACON JAM?! BRING ME THERE MAMA!

  9. Newtown really is booming!
    But that bacon jam sounds amazing!!

  10. How are you always literally at the forefront of every opening in Sydney? FINGER ON THE PULSE! It looks great in here, I know this space has changed hands many times... I think this one's gonna be a winner!


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