Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Sparrow's Mill, Sydney

Yo! Sorry that it's been a while since my last post. But now I'm back and here to share a new find! Korean cuisine has become more popular in the recent months. Places like Dan Jee, Moon Park and Kim Restaurant have been the big key players in this popularity. Then there's the growing numbers of places that offer Korean Fried Chicken (aka KFC) that's added more crunch to the Sydney Food scene.

Located near the heart of Koreatown in Sydney CBD is a new Korean food joint that offers a range of KFC called The Sparrow's Mill (across from World Square on Liverpool Street). The menu may look familiar to some of you. The Sparrow's Mill is indeed affiliated with Red Pepper in Strathfield. The place was brightly lit and occupied with diners enjoying jjigae and the place's specialty, Korean Fried Chicken!
We were given a set of banchan from kimchi to fishcakes including daikon pickles, which goes really well with KFC.
Braised short ribs
Their braised short ribs ($17.50 which also comes with rice) were an absolute delight! The beef short ribs were super tender and tasty. It also had braised veggies and sweet potato noodles in a sweet sukiyaki-like sauce.

Spring onion fried chicken
The main star and reason for this visit was the Spring Onion Fried Chicken! We opted for half a chicken ($18). It was all kinds of awesome! It had a nice thin rippled seasoned batter with a crunch to make one instantly fall in love with it. The meat was very succulent and flavoursome. We all know that there's a similar dish out there in Koreatown but the difference is in the wasabi soy sauce. The Sparrow's Mill's sauce is thicker and sweeter. I prefer this stickier version of the sauce.

So do they have the best Fried Chicken in Sydney? I would say that it's amongst the best in Sydney. I will definitely return to try the black bean, soy and sweet chilli versions. The service was good and the food is worth returning for. I also love the fact that you can get half a chicken here. I can never get enough of Korean Fried Chicken especially if it's this awesome!

The Sparrow's Mill
Shop 3
116-120 Liverpool Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Trading hours
Monday to Friday: 11:30am-12:00am
Saturday/Public Holidays: 12:00pm-11:00pm
Sunday: Closed

The Sparrow's Mill(참새방앗간) on Urbanspoon


  1. Always great to have more KFC options in town! And I love that wasabi soy too - so tasty!

  2. so many KFC options in the CBD these days.. got to add this one too the list too.. cant go wrong with a bit of KFC and soju :p

  3. good to see more korean fried chicken places opening up. might suggest this next time friends want to meet up for dinner

  4. one can not have enough fried chicken! can you believe i still havent been to red pepper yet!?!?

  5. YESSSSS!!! this place will be so much easier to get to than red pepper for their delicious fried chicken!

  6. LOVE Banchan and KFC looks so so delish!

  7. The KFC looks awesome! Putting this place to my list right away. Because we can never have too much KFC, right? ;)

  8. omg i need this!!
    considering i don't go stratty often and red pepper is a place i want to go, this shall suffice (for now!)

  9. Yay for more crunch in Sydney town. There's so much KFC I haven't tried yet, but this looks convenient :)

  10. I can't stop thinking about fried chicken these days … and then your post comes along. How timely. Can't wait to check out the Sparrow's Mill. thanks for sharing.

  11. The kfc here surely looks incredible – especially with the pretty coils of curled spring onions on top. Banchan looks good too. Looking forward to eating here. Thanks for sharing. :)

  12. I have been drooling since you shared a pic via social media when you visited. As soon as I saw that KFC I marked it for a visit. Now seeing your whole account, seriously can't wait to get there. Yum!


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