Friday, September 13, 2013

Paramount Coffee Project, Surry Hills

We all know that Surry Hills is Sydney's cafe central. But for those who don't, you need to add Surry Hills to your list of places to visit when you plan to make a trip to Sydney. The number of amazing cafes is growing rapidly and I just couldn't keep up with all the awesomeness that goes on in this lovely suburb. The Littlest Anchovy and I heard of a new joint that just opened on Commonwealth Street in Surry Hills called Paramount Coffee Project. The only logical thing to do is to pay them a visit because why should we let awesomeness wait right?

Paramount Coffee Project is a team up by Russell Beard from Reuben Hills and Melbourne's Seven Seeds. The place has a clean and spacious industrial look yet tranquil and inviting. For the coffee aficionados out there, they have a filter coffee station. They use four types of coffee beans (I could only remember one being from Reuben Hills and another from Seven Seeds) sourced from different specialty roasters.
Dulce de leche milkshake
The dulce de leche milkshake ($8) certainly did not disappoint! It had a caramelised milk taste and it wasn't overly sweet. We both agreed that this drink is a winner.
Piccolo latte
I went with my usual piccolo latte. I chose the Brazil Santa Barbara single origin roasted by Seven Seeds for my drink (there's also Seven Seeds blend available for espresso drinks). It was strong but not bitter with a bold nutty taste and notes of date.
Double fried chicken with slaw and Creole relish

Since this visit happened on a Friday (or FRYday as I call it), it was fitting to order their double fried chicken with house slaw and creole relish ($16). This glorious chicken fillet was cooked southern style with buttermilk. The batter was crisped and laced with the usual southern spice blend, which includes cumin, garlic powder, paprika etc. The fillet was also very tender and juicy with a very evident cajun spice flavour. The relish is tomato based that has some fruity taste and a light spicy kick
Crab Po Boy
The star of this visit is the crab po boy ($18). It's deep fried soft shell crab served in a fluffy and buttery milk bun (kinda like brioche) with slaw and ranch dressing. It was both almighty in serving size and taste! The batter was crispy and the crab wasn't too oily. It worked well with the slaw and creamy ranch dressing.

The beverages and food were nothing short of amazing. It was truly an awesome experience that I cannot wait to return to.

Paramount Coffee Project
80 Commonwealth St,
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Facebook page link
Open daily 7am to 4pm
The Paramount Coffee Project on Urbanspoon


  1. Ahhh that's awesome! I was a fan of Reuben Hills until I experienced first hand it's decline (in service and food), I hope this new venture is different and much more improved. The fried chicken looks similar to Reuben's fucking great fried chicken, which I love, so I'm excited to know another awesome cafe just around the corner!

  2. Ahh I remember this as if it were only today! Seriously need to head back here... Also, I really want to find out where they get their plates from! Thanks for inviting me!

  3. Another place for fried chicken! Wheeeeeeeee!

  4. Soft shell crab in a burger? Sold. I'm going to struggle trying to order something different from you.

  5. Fried chicken, crab burger... God how good does food get, it all looks amazing!!!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Oh wow this place looks amazing!! Great find :D

  7. OMG those fried chicken. and the po boy. and the milkshake!
    I need to come. Great review, Raff! :D

  8. Gotta love all these new cafes in Surry Hills! That crab po boy looks amazing and something that I would like to have now. And some Southern fried chicken too please :)

  9. wow fried chicken and deep fried soft shell crab? Hell to the yeah baby! i can't wait to check out this bad boy!

  10. fried chicken and burgers made raff a happy chap - and why wouldn't he be with those flavours?! Another one hits the surry hills area, can't wait to make a visit!

  11. great shots! such a cool space, and really enjoyed the crab po boy too!

  12. you're quick to post! hehe funny bumping into you two :) mm going to go back again before i'm outta surry hills!

  13. The double fried chicken looks fantastic. FRYday, lol!

  14. double fried chicken AND crab po'boy? I'M THERE!

  15. OMG OMG OMG!!
    There is so much I want to try here!! ... everyone has already been and we have only JUST been to Devon haha!
    Talk about behind with food :P

    - Cassie

  16. Looks like they put a lot of detail into everything from the interior to the food! :)
    Crab Po Boy! Drool!


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