Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Henri Marc, Penrith

Sydney's west has added another great piece to its café culture repertoire. But this time, it's the City of Penrith that brought its "A" game to Sydney's cafe scene. The Cafe restaurant goes by the name of Henri Marc.

When Chocolatesuze and I planned for an overdue catch up, she suggested we visit Henri Marc in Penrith. It had a contemporary industrial look with touches of vintage fittings. The vibe was very welcoming and the room was filled with soft natural lighting. Soon as I noticed their Spirit espresso machine and that the coffee beans blend were sourced from Reuben Hills, I knew I was in for a caffeine treat.
Banana split tea (smelt like banana!) $4.50

Piccolo Latté

I had a piccolo latte ($3.50) for my coffee hit. It had a medium body with hints of fruity flavour coming through from the espresso. The steamed milk also had the right temperature.
Salted caramel milkshake
The salted caramel milkshake ($7) was on the sweet side but it was amazing! It tasted like the salted caramel macaron fillings that I've had from Baroque but in liquid form.

Here are the dishes I had on my first and second visits:
Braised brisket roll with mustard and pickles $13.50
Caramel on toast
They also have Caramel on toast ($4.50) which was mind blowing! We were like "say whaaaaat?" (Even the menu says that) but the thick sourdough toast smothered with a lot of caramel sauce works a treat. The soft middle part with soaked up caramel and crunchy edges was awesome in so many levels.
Duck egg soldiers
The duck egg soldiers ($10) had super cute faces! It came with pieces of buttered sourdough toasts and an amazing crisped prosciutto. The prosciutto was that great that we wanted to order more of it.

The sugar-coated doughnuts were only $1! Now that's good value! There were also hints of cinnamon with the sugar coating.

The pork belly , apple and cabbage slaw ($16) was another favourite of mine. The pork was tender, juicy and flavoursome. It was glazed with sauce made from it's own juices. Little effort was used to tear the meat apart.

Poached egg, chorizo, mushrooms and toast

Another dish I got to try on the second visit was their poached egg, chorizo, mushrooms, and parmesan with toast ($15). The garlicky chorizo pieces, sautéed mushrooms and parmesan worked well. The poached egg was perfectly cooked, which also had a runny yolk.

From the well made coffee to their amazing dishes and topped with their friendly service. What is their not to love about Henri Marc? In my opinion, they are one of the best in Sydney's west!

Henri Marc
2/438 High Street
Penrith NSW 2750
Trading hours:
8am to 3pm Monday - Saturday
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  1. That pork belly... Wow. I want it for breakfast!

  2. I saw this on Suze's blog. I would definitely be ordering the pork belly. And I love the blue plate.. The prices seem quite reasonable xx

  3. fantastic photos raff. Am in awe over that sourdough toast drenched in salted caramel - winning! Such affordable prices and out west. Great find you two!

  4. Yay! I was looking forward to reading this post. It's great to see a cafe like this out west :) Am lovin the interior! Caramel on toast and sugar coated doughnuts = YUM!


  5. Those duck egg soldiers sound yuuum especially the crispy proscuitto! Seem like you had a delicious lunch as always

  6. Looveeee ur photos, Raff!
    Would really love to try the milkshake and caramel toast the most! :)

  7. so much <3 for that caramel toast!

  8. What a lovely looking cafe! That pork belly looks amazing!

  9. Had no idea this existed! Good to know - perhaps a cafe stop enroute to the Blue Mountains? Looks and sounds great, loving that Sydney's cafe scene is spreading beyond the usual areas.

  10. love your reviews on the latest cafe! this place is a bit out of thew way for me but damn that caramel toast looks amazing!

  11. Woaah caramel toast! And $1 doughnuts! Looks aweesome :D

  12. I want to eat everything that you did!! It all looks so lush, especially the pork belly and the doughnuts!! YUM!

  13. haha you two did so well to finish all that food! man look at that caramel pool :D

  14. Haha at the faces on the duck egg! They would provide me with endless entertainment :P The food looks amaze here!

  15. The food looks great and may even entice this 'Shire Girl' to head west.

  16. what??? 1 dorra doughnuts? get out son!

  17. Caramel on toast sounds ridiculously decadent. lol. And haha at the animated eggs!


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