Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Producers 'Go Clubbing' - at the Campbelltown Catholic Club

Sydney's Good Food Month comes to a close. But before the festive month of food ends, Campbelltown Catholic Club brought Good Food Month to the Macarthur area. Macarthur 'Foodies' celebrated and dined alongside with some of Australia's top food and beverage producers at an event called Producers "Go Clubbing".

David Lowe of Lowe Wines
Dan of Young Henry's
Matt from Brasserie Bread

John Susman and Mr Pepe Saya himself Pierre Issa
Anthony from Vic's Meats
Merna Taouk of DesserMakers and Pierre Issa

It was a night of celebration, recognition and education. Food lovers and producers gathered to celebrate food and the achievements of the producers that attended. Producers such as Brasserie Bread, Pepe Saya Butter, Country Valley Milk, Fishtales, Vic's Meats, Young Henry's, Dessertmakers, and Lowe Wines were amongst the guests of honour. Their passion and dedication can be seen in their top quality products.

Executive Chef Paul Rifkin

Top quality produce requires a chef of high calibre to utilise the best elements these products have to offer. This is where Executive Chef Paul Rifkin (Campbelltown Catholic Club’s Executive Chef) comes in. He took the food and beverage products and transformed them into a world-class 8 course degustation. Throughout the night, the producers educated us with the magical background and process that the products went through. I say magical as the produce and dishes were mind blowing.

Pepe Saya salted butter
Brasserie Bread sourdough bakers round
Brasserie Bread's sourdough bakers round and Pepe Saya's salted butter.
Brasserie Bread sourdough bread and Pepe Saya's salted butter is a match made in heaven. I could have this combo all day and all night. The finest amongst top grade bread and butter. Pepe Saya butter is made with Country Valley creme fraiche.

The 8 course degustation started with a Yarra Valley hand milked salmon caviar with Pepe Saya cultured creme fraiche, Fraser Isle spanner crab custard shooter with dill.
Lowe 2013 organic headstone rose

Port Lincoln Kinakawooka mussels with mild chilli, lemongrass and corriander
It was then followed with Port Lincoln Kinakawooka mussels with mild chilli, lemongrass and corriander. Mussels were cooked well in a reduced white wine broth.
Ranger's Calley 300 day grain fed black angus eye of rump tartare
Pane Crocante by Brasserie Bread
The Ranger's Valley 300 day grain fed Black Angus eye of rump tartare was exceptional! Rump cut was used to give the tartare extra flavour and nice texture. It was accompanied with Brasserie Bread's crispy Pane Crocante to give the dish a wonderful contrast.

Young Henry's real ale

Young Henry's Real Ale is the real deal. Dan of Young Henry's instructs us to sniff the beer before drinking it. Aromas of mango and passionfruit engulfed my sense of smell and the beer itself was smooth to drink with a light bitter after taste. Once you've tasted craft beer like that, it's hard to have any other beer.
Culture buttermilk (from Pepe Saya) sorbet
Chef Paul did an amazing job by using Pepe Saya's cultured buttermilk into a sorbet. It had a light sour creamy and zesty taste with a hint of tang. It was a nice and very refreshing break for the taste buds.

Chef Paul got us to crush fresh Lemon myrtle leaves to crush rub on our fingers and inhale to awaken the senses.
Glacier 51 tooth fish with celeriac, pickled cucumber ribbons, with lemon myrtle salt
The Glacier 51 tooth fish fillet from Fishtales was cooked to perfection. It had milky taste and a slightly moist silky texture. The sweet and creamy celeriac along with the pickled cucumber ribbons and lemon myrtle salt were nice accompaniments to the fish.
Tinja 2010 Mudgee organic shiraz
New season rack of lamb, white polenta, pistachio dukkha, beetroot relish, and butternit pumpkin pureé
The New Season Riverina rack of lamb was cooked perfectly and was very flavoursome. The white polenta almost had the consistency of a tofu but with creamy innards.  The pisctachio dukkha went well with the sensational creamy butternut pumpkin pureé. The beetroot relish was a nice touch to bring balance to the dish.
Dessert tasting plate
The dessert tasting plate was nothing short of excellent. It had DessertMakers brioche bread and butter pudding, fig and ginger pudding, Pepe Saya mascarpone and Panna Cotta with lime and passionfruit jelly. Every component on this plate was exquisite and luscious.
Young Henry's limited edition bacon and truffle beer
Country Valley Milk cheese plate of caerphilly, Stefan blue, and washed rind cheese
Apricot and date loaf from Brasserie Bread
A Country Valley Milk cheese plate of caerphilly, Stefan blue and washed rind cheese with charred apricot and date loaf from Brasserie Bread was an awesome way of ending the night. This was also paired with Young Henry's limited edition bacon and truffle beer. The beer was infused with smoked bacon and black truffle.

Ramen Raff dined at the Producers "Go Clubbing" event as a guest of Brasserie Bread and Campbelltown Catholic Club.


  1. Fabulous photos and great write-up! Thank you so much for coming along, and so glad you had a great night! :)

  2. michael ( brasserie bread)October 30, 2013 at 10:11 AM

    Great photos and write- up. I am sad I misssed out.

  3. how lucky of you to meet the man behind pepe saya! *gasps* looks like it was an awesome event out west ;)

  4. That lamb looks seriously good, just look at the pinkish colour!

  5. I really love the idea of putting carrots and root vegetables in cute little hessian sacks!!

  6. totally in love with pepesaya butter! i love the event name!

  7. Seems like you had a great time :) This made me miss travelling. I used to jet off somewhere for vacations before I got too busy managing a Chinese Restaurant in Capalaba area. You just inspired me to go out more, hahahah!

  8. love the 'awakening the senses' with the fresh lemon myrtle, and cute event name!

  9. What a great event and the the buttermilk sorbet sounds so intriguing!


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