Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bridge St Garage - Bar and Diner, Sydney

The American dude food movement hasn't lost its touch to please Sydney food lovers. Many restaurants and bars continue to serve up American themed dishes that bring the utmost comfort and indulgence. I cannot get enough of it myself.

Bridge St Garage is a new addition to the Sydney CBD bar restaurant scene. A few weeks ago, Chocolatesuze and I checked out this place to scope what's on offer. This joint serves funky cocktails and American dude food with a Latin twist. The place is decorated with vintage industrial items and fit outs with a bar and diner feel.
Money Maker
I opted for the cocktail with the most rockin' name. It's called the Money Maker ($16). It consists of Buffalo trace bourbon, lash of Grand Marnier, fresh lime and then topped with apple juice. This refreshing fluid is so good it will "make a lot of money" this summer!

Provoleta cheesey action
The Provoleta ($14) is Argentinian-style grilled provolone served with a chimichurri sauce and toasted herbed sourdough. Provolone is a semi-hard cheese with a smooth skin. The cheese has a sharp taste and is slightly sweet. Based on the entire taste of this dish, it's like deconstructed pizza.
Deep fried southern crispy chicken
Their deep-fried southern crispy chicken ($22) is a thick spice-coated chicken and deep-fried until it reaches golden crisp goodness. This style of batter coating has a crisp outer layer with a doughy texture inside. The coating has familiar Southern-style spices. It was hot and spicy just the way I like it! The meat was perfectly cooked and retained its natural juices. It was served with a coleslaw salad and Garage sauce.
Sticky pork ribs
The sticky pork ribs ($36) were my favourite! It was drenched in barbecue sauce and slow-roasted for 4 1⁄2 hours and finished by being grilled over hot charcoals. The meat was tender and smothered with sticky sweet tangy barbecue sauce. It was served with a side salad.

Bridge St Garage – Bar and Diner
17 Bridge St, Sydney NSW 2000
Trading hours:
Mon: 12pm – 5pm (lunch only)

Tues-Friday: 12pm – Late

Sat: 5pm – Late (dinner only)

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  1. Aah, they've changed the chicken from the previous buffalo wings - good choice ;) Great fit out, isn't it?

  2. but what about the corn bread raff *cough**cough* :P

    1. Left out the corn bread coz it's not corn bread :P

  3. I am going next week. Think I'll be ordering the exact same thing! haha

  4. Holy moly everything in this post look so sexy! especially that stretchy cheese!

  5. This place is down the road from uni so I went for lunch a few weeks ago! I had the pulled pork sandwich which was seriously one of the best I've ever had (also one of the biggest and most sloppy!).

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  7. definitely wanting to try those sticky pork ribs next time. sounds good.

  8. dammmmm those dishes look so bad ass. can't wait to check out this new kid on the block!


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