Monday, November 25, 2013

Sydney Food Bloggers Christmas Picnic 2013

It was that time of the year again for Sydney’s food bloggers to unite and celebrate what we all have in common. Our massive love for food! This is the 5th annual Sydney Food Bloggers Christmas picnic that the awesome Chocolatesuze and Helen of Grab Your Fork has organised. Despite of the gloomy wet weather prior the picnic meet-up, these two stayed positive and fought through. They even organised tents for the humans and food just to make sure this celebration went on. As we finished setting up the tents (big props to Rosa for her girl scout skills!), the sunshine finally made its appearance like it never rained!

A giant box containing 25 kgs worth of Jurassic pork crackling shards courtesy of Mr Crackles was the first to appear at the food altar. People started to arrive and next thing you know, there was an abundance of food and drinks. After eating, drinking and mingling, we proceeded to do the traditional Evil Secret Santa event (one doesn’t like the present they have opened, one can steal someone else’s present).

Here are some of the people and food:
Lemper by Irene (of Irene's Getting Fat)
Macarons by yours truly hehehe 

Cheese, bacon and veggie slices by The Suz Chef
Honeycomb by Man Craves
Santa deco-roll by Absolutely Ayana
Choc fudge brownies with caramel by My See Food Diet
Pulled lamb by Jeroxie and homemade picnic bread by Crunchy Tiger
Pandan chiffon cake by Angie Lives to Eat
Just like Mel (The Adventures of Miss Piggy), we absolutely loved the pork cracklings!
White choc raspberry muffins from The Chronicles of Hilda and crab meat and cucumber sushi from My Hunger Will Go on
Fruit skewers by Corridor Kitchen
Love Swah's gorgeous coconut and pineapple cupcakes
Vegetarian marshmallows from Spoonfuls of Goodness

The most adorable attendee of the afternoon 
Scrolls cheesy scrolls from Penguin Says Feed Me

Ando's (The Lam Stock) sausage rolls got demolished coz they so good.
Evil Secret Santa begins!

I so wanted this until I found out I got a hamburger usb flash drive! Then this got stolen from Viv (of When The World Stops Spinning) 

Billy's presents got stolen a few times
I decided to keep this and not steal Viv's Superman apron

Thanks again Helen and Suze for organising another fab picnic!

Until next year folks! May the crackling be with you.


  1. Love the pics, Raff!
    It was really nice meeting you, and the macarons are definitely fab! :D

  2. awesome round up raff! im sure your macs were gone in a flash too. what an awesome USB - some real cool presents this year.

  3. It was an awesome day. So much food and great to finally meet fellow bloggers though disappointed I didn't get the chance to talk to you. But like you said you'll probably find me at Devon one of these days. I'm a massive fan of your macarons dude! Looking forward to trying the malteserons.

  4. Awesome event & an awesome write-up!

  5. Good to see you again Raff! Your macs were so good, I'm glad I managed to grab one before they were all gone!

  6. Thanks for coming and helping us set up the tents Raff! And your macs went so fast!

  7. thanks heaps for your help raff and for always being so happy and optimistic! you're the best and i freaking loved your macs

  8. Great to see you at the picnic. Your macarons were fabulous as always :)

  9. Your macarons were gone in no time! I was lucky enough to try the salted caramel one, which was amazing btw :)

  10. Woah! That is some serious crackling! I am totally feeling the pressure now - we have the Adelaide Food Bloggers Picnic next week and we have no crackling. What am I going to do? ;)

  11. My lateness made me miss out on your macarons! Hope I get to try some of your fabulous cooking in their future! :)

  12. your macs were amazing as per usual! pls tell me youre offering lessons?

  13. HEHEHE It was great meeting you as well, we put up the tents together. It was a team effort. And it was my first picnic, but before the feasting started everyone was telling me to go for your macs before they disappeared. And of course they were the first on my plate too! Really loved the salted caramel, I'm a sucker for all salted caramel macarons!

  14. Your macarons were AMAZING!!!!!!! Loved loved loved my salted caramel!! I had one piece and wanted to keep on chewing it for the rest of the day (was the last lucky macaron!!)

  15. Dang I wanted to go so bad. I will definately be there next year. The Macs look amazing.

  16. OMG haha!
    ... and they were simply DELICIOUS!
    Thank you!!

    - Cassie

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  18. Awesome post Raff - this was my first picnic and it was fantastic. Thanks for hooking me up with one of your macs after the event too ;D

  19. I really wish I could have been there again this year!! It looks like so much fun!! ...and OMG about the crackling!! WOW, I want some!
    Your macarons look great as does EVERYTHING!

  20. Eat ALL ze crackling AND macarons!

  21. It was so lovely to see you :) catch up sooooon x loved your macs!

  22. Very nice picnic I love it. Actually I love sweets and there is variety of coconut and pineapple cupcakes, Vegetarian marshmallows etc. I am also attend Picnic Event in botanical garden in following link....


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