Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Stuffed Beaver, Bondi

If someone was to tell me that a certain place had amazing burgers, rest assure that I would be all up in it! But this time, my burger radar missed to detect a joint called Stuffed Beaver. It has been open for nearly a year now! Thanks to a re-post by Brasserie Bread on their Facebook page a few weeks ago, my radar was directed to this place.

I made my way to Bondi not long ago to check out this Canadian influenced pub/burger parlour. The place has a very chilled vibe and rustic look that included memorabilia hanged on the walls. The mouthwatering menu consists of references to a beaver dam. There was available seating outside, near the bar and further more at back consisting of tables for two to four. But it's not the dam (pun intended) tables that I came here for, but the food! All the burgers use Brasserie Bread's fluffy and buttery brioche buns. Each burger does not include ketchup or mustard but they are available as complimentary condiments on each table.

The Dam Beaver burger

The dam beaver burger ($10.80) is Black Angus beef pattie with blue cheese in brioche bun. The beef pattie is flavoursome and well seasoned. The melted blue cheese is creamy and has a medium body blue flavour. If you enjoy the sharp blue cheese flavour then this burger is for you. It also came with a side of pickles.

John Candy combo $15.80

The John Candy combo burger ($15.80) was amazing and it is my kind of burger. It had juicy Black Angus beef pattie, bacon, pickles and FRIED CHEESE!! Yes! Fried cheese! It was like having an awesome burger with fried cheese sticks.

Classic poutine $14.99

The highlight for me was their take on the classic poutine ($14.99). A favourite Canadian snack that originated from Quebec. It is chunky fries/hot chips covered in light brown gravy and melted cheese. Although the fries were meant to be soggy, it still had crispy bits, which gave the dish nice contrast textures. The light gravy had a good balance of meaty and sour flavours. The melted cheese completes the epicness of this dish.

I love The Stuffed Beaver! Aside from their burger with fried cheese and glorious poutine, they also have Louisiana hot wings, hotdogs and deep fried pickles available to whet your appetite.

The Stuffed Beaver
271 Bondi Road,
bondi NSW 2026

Opening hours
Monday - Saturday: midday till midnight
Sunday: midday till 10pm

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  1. The poutine looks like a killer. Amazing pics, Raff! You successfully made me drool all over my keyboards lol

  2. The John Candy. Lol!

    Poutine looks fantastic, and fried cheese on a burger? Wow!

  3. I still haven't had poutine... :( and I want!

  4. Nice! I am sure John Candy would have had a few of those burgers in his days hehe... fried cheese, bacon, beef pattie, I think my heart just skipped a beat thinking about that burger lol

  5. Woah the Poutine looks good. Crispy fries covered in gravy. Such a treat.

  6. Awww man another on my wishlist and it feels like I'll never get there. Grouse looking poutine.

  7. You had me at fried cheese TuT
    hehe mm and poutine

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