Monday, November 18, 2013

Three Williams, Redfern

Redfern is a rising café suburb. That's no surprise as it is just right next door to Surry Hills. The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish and The Ragland are amongst the places that has been providing Redfern’s locals and visitors with amazing food and coffee. Just right near the border of Redfern and Surry Hills is a newly opened cafe is about to add up to that buzz.

The newly Three Williams Cafe on Elizabeth Street is about to make its mark in this part of town. A very promising café restaurant with a team that consists of ex-Chiswick chef Tim Bryan and Glen Bowditch (former Sonoma and The Grounds Alexandria), the expectations are high. The place is spacious, stripped back by exposing the brick walls and the furnishing is kept minimal. In the last few weeks, all their social media food teasers got me very excited. I finally went to visit them on their first day of opening.
Piccolo latte

I had a piccolo latte ($3) to start off. They are currently using the paradox blend from beans Single Origin Roaster's. This was carefully prepared by their barista Adam with textured milk that had perfect temperature. It was smooth and had medium body. The taste was a bit on the sweet side with hints of spices that appears at the back of the palate.

Chips with aioli
The chips with aioli ($6) were all kinds of awesome! The chips had a crunchy outer layer and were well flavoured. The aioli had a balance of creamy, citrus, and garlic flavours. 

Beef short rib narnie

I had my mind set on trying on their house-made narnie. So I opted to have their narnie with glazed beef short rib, slaw, gherkins & chipotle mayo ($14). The narnie itself was delicious. The texture was somewhere between a pita bread and an Indian naan bread. The glistening beef short rib was very tender, flavoursome, fatty (the way I like my short ribs) and it had those amazing burnt bits. It worked well with the slaw, gherkins and chipotle mayo. I couldn’t stop thinking about this dish all afternoon!
French Toast with nuts, blueberries and yoghurt
The Merchant - bacon and egg in brioche bun
Pineapple and mint soda

I see a great future ahead of Three Williams. They’re a triple in terms of delivering great coffee, preparing great food and a service that is stellar. I just wish I lived close by to have their coffee and food more often.

Three Williams
613a Elizabeth St Redfern,
Sydney, Australia 2016
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  1. Great review. I've walked past this place a few times but now I'll have to check it out.
    The chips look awesome.
    Thanks, Ryan.

  2. Need to call them today to try to book a table for the weekend... Can't wait to try it!!

  3. They indeed make a trip to Redfern sounds even more interesting!

  4. All the GREAT Redfern cafes are just that little bit too far for me to get to at lunchtime from my office. D'oh! That "narnie" looks GREAT!

  5. Looks like this is another place that I will need to check out in the Redfern area. Beef short rib narnie looks great :9

  6. omg those beef short ribs sound glorious!

  7. I've noticed all the cafes in Redfern too!! What's a narnie? Is it like a Sarnie with Naan?

  8. havent been able to explore red fern too much. love how you make the visits before work or during lunch! so dedicated. I've got to come with next time!

  9. Chips with aioli is always a winner for me. Looking forward to checking this place out soon!

  10. the narnie looks delicious, and something a bit different!

  11. That narnie just made my belly growl and I love a bit of burnt bits too hehe.

  12. i cant keep up with all the new cafes opening up in redfern! wahh! the chips looks really good tho!

  13. You've such a great dedication, visiting on opening day. Narnie sounds like something that's unique to this cafe though so I guess that have that.

  14. I gotta try the short rib narnie! The chips look heaps awesome too.

  15. those chips have my name written all over it - can't wait to check out this new kid out!


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