Monday, August 12, 2013

Ramen Zundo, Sydney

My Sydney ramen adventure continues! My passion for what I consider the ultimate comfort food, takes me all around this lovely city. I'm constantly on a hunt to try variations of ramen. Out of all the different ramen broths, I find myself most attracted to the tonkotsu broth. I guess it all comes down to my love for pork.

Back in late 2012, Chocolatesuze posted a review on Ramen Zundo. Ever since reading that review, the only thing left to do is visit this place. They do tonkotsu ramen after all! Then Rockahenry's recommendation to try their tsukemen gave me that push to finally pay Zundo a visit.

Ramen Zundo is located inside the World Square Shopping Centre, Sydney. The place had the usual ramen house decor and a vibe that's very chilled. The lunch rush had just started but the service was quite fast.
Iced lemon tea
Karaage chicken

The karaage chicken ($7.90 for 6 pieces) here was one of my favourites! The crisped fried batter was a delight both to my palate and ears with every crunchy bite. The meat was flavoured with ginger, soy and sake.
The noodles

Dipping broth


I ordered their standard tsukemen ($12.80) and extra slices of chashu (3pcs for $4.80). Tsukemen is basically deconstructed ramen but widely known as dipping ramen. The ramen noodles and broth are served separately. I really love the bouncy egg noodles that they use for their tsukemen, which is almost like spaghetti. The tonkotsu broth is cooked down for a thicker consistency so that it holds on to the noodles as you dip it. The flavour of their dipping broth is amazing. The combination of rich pork flavour and a hint of tang works well for the dipping broth. There are also pieces of pork within the dipping broth. The extra chashu slices were very tender and tasty too.
Double soup ramen
Their double soup ramen ($11.80) seem to be popular. It had tonkotsu broth, egg noodles, soft-boiled egg, bamboo shoots, chashu, chopped spring onions and nori.  The broth was cooked mainly with pork bones and some chicken bones to get a slightly varied flavour. The broth had a great depth of porky flavour with notes of chicken taste. The consistency of the broth was also quite thick and rich in collagen. This is definitely a contender amongst tonkotsu ramens in Sydney.

I regret not being able to visit this place sooner. But at least, I finally got to experience the Ramen Zundo awesomeness!

Ramen Zundo
Shop 10.30 World Square
644 George St
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9264 6113
Trading hours: Monday to Sunday 11:45am - 9:45pm
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  1. so many yes' coming from my mouth right now. I really want to try that tsukemen!!! Another great find - awesome job ramen raff :)

  2. I got to go to Ramen Zundo earlier this year, and quite enjoyed it (though I ordered too much...). Loved the stock, it was lovely.

  3. ooh I love tsukemen cause I always burn myself on the soup so having it separate works to my advantage lol. Don't remember seeing this on the menu when I went, will have to go again!

  4. Love Ramen Zundo, especially their garlic ramen and double soup! The tsukemen looks great, I think I'll have to try that next time

  5. Chicken Karaage. Makes me drool. So delicious. Ramen is one of my favourite comfort winter treats. Miso based with extra gooey egg.. Now I'm feeling like a bowl.

  6. Try Ryo's noodle, easily the best ramen in Sydney..

  7. Helloooooooo karaage! The batter looks awesome!

  8. I always take your ramen recommendations they always turn out to be what you describe, will be sure to order a side of karaage with my ramen too.

  9. I love ramen zundo too!! Havent try the karage chicken yet, but the pork spring roll with melted cheese is quite good too :)

  10. I think this is my favorite place for ramen in Sydney. I only found it recently, I'm surprised it's been around for so long!


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