Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Stables Cafe, Surry Hills

There can never be enough cafés! I especially like those joints tucked away on laneways. There's a sense of privacy and solitude that way. Sydney has a lot of awesome places for coffee and another one has been added to this list. A clothing retail group called The Stables D.S. Co-Op had recently opened a coffee shop called The Stables Café.

Thanks to a tip from my friend Jet and rugbyflecher on Instagram, I headed to The Stables Cafe for a visit on its first week of trading. It is located on Bourke Street, Surry Hills (entrance is via Hill Street). I really like the space with its minimalist look, high ceilings, nice wooden chairs and tables. I especially liked the black tiled wall with the menu written on it. They have a space for their coffee lab where they do coffee drips, aeropress etc.
Flat white

Dan (one of their baristas) whipped up a flat white ($3.50) for me with double ristretto using the Compton road blend beans from Five Senses. This is definitely in my list of top flat whites in Sydney! The milk temperature was perfect with the thin velvety froth that I love. It had a full body flavour with hints of sweetness at the end of every sip.

I also tried their single origin (India veer attikan) as a macchiato ($3.50). This single origin is also from Five Senses. It was easy on the palate with notes of toffee and nuts. It had an aftertaste that included hints of milk chocolate and spice. This is totally worth a try if they ever have it again!

Brioche bread scrambled egg with bacon and house relish

The Brioche bread scrambled egg with bacon and house relish ($8) was also pretty amazing. The house relish used for this sandwich is what sets it apart from most bacon and egg sandwiches. The relish is a little bit tangy with hints of spices.
Orange almond cakes (front), salted caramel choc tart (back right), and chocolate brownies (back left)
Almond croissants
Ricotta, blueberry & bran muffin

The ricotta, blueberry & bran muffin is gluten free and I've been told is quite popular. It's dense in texture and it's like having a banana muffin but flourless.

With the quality of coffee and food, The Stables Cafe will definitely be a hit! My next plan is to visit them for lunch to try their other sandwiches and the epic salted caramel choc tart that Grab Your Fork has also mentioned on her blog post.

The Stables Cafe
352 Bourke Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Trading hours: Monday to Friday 8am-3pm
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  1. i like the look of Brioche bread scrambled egg with bacon and house relish! brioche is one of my favourite!

  2. The design of the cafe is very contemporary! It sounds like they serve good coffee here :D

  3. Love the pics, they give a good sense of the places style, I could go a good coffee at the moment :0!

  4. Dan the barista! Haven't seen him for ages - used to see him a lot around Clipper Cafe and then at Room 10. Should try this place out, looks lovely.

  5. great shots raff. love the look of this place!

  6. I agree with what you say abt not having enough cafes. It almost feels the same here in Melb. No matter how many new cafes that keep opening up, they always seem to be doing well no matter what! That brioche bread with bacon and relish sounds delish and like a good deal too.

  7. Love the look of the brioche bread - looks very filling!

  8. I like that you're a first name basis with the barista, always comes in handy doesn't it? Ah yes, salted caramel choc tarts are critical to a cafe's success, thanks for this review I'm putting this on my to eat list :)

  9. Wow! You guys seem to be catching up with Melb's craze for cafes!

  10. Love the look of that egg and bacey sanger! I am sending the link of this post to my friend who works in S-Hills :)

  11. Everything looks so amazing!
    I am in Sydney n Monday and I am SO there!! YUM


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