Friday, September 1, 2017

Kusuka, Haymarket - Sydney

I've never been to a Warung in Indonesia but I've read and seen good things about it. One day I plan to fly to Bali and visit a few. For now, I've got the awesome Kusuka Warung and Kopi shop to fill the void.

Tucked away in a laneaway in Haymarket is a petit cafe owned by Mario and Liz. This gem offers Indonesian inspired dishes and the usual cafe fair with a twist. I remember reading about Kusuka via the B-Kyu blog weeks ago and the idea of mi goreng based dishes served in a cafe caught my curiosity. It wasn't long after when Kusuka reached out to me and invited me to try their menu.

 You can get the usual espresso based drinks like flat whites ($3.50) and piccolo latte. The coffee is medium to dark roast type with chocolate notes with a buttery and nutty finish on the palate. The coffee bit too strong when used for a piccolo but perfect for a latte and flat white.

They also have their in-house specialty drinks. There's the heavy avocado thickshake drizzled chocolate called Hypovocado ($7.50) and the uber pretty milk based Pink latte ($4.50) with berries and watermelon.

They have a range of Warung Mie aka Fancy Mi goreng choices on the menu. The Mee Fried Chicken ($13.50) is mi goreng topped with Kusuka's fried chicken pieces, corn and taichan chilli. Add sexy melted cheese on your fried chicken for an extra $2.50. If the chicken coating were a little bit more crisped, this would be perfect! Otherwise, still a delicious dish.

The Mee pork ($12) is mi goreng topped with crispy pork belly, greens, corn and chilli matah. The pork was insanely good and the crackling was perfectly crisped. I would order this again.

You can also get the usual cafe fare like the amazing Champion ($18)! Slices of smoked wagyu on toast topped with perfectly poached egg and truffle hollandaise sauce. This was a total winner in my books! Get it??!

Last but not least is one of the best dessert drinks I've had this year: the Avogato ($8.50)! Avocado smoothie, ice cream, chocolate sprinkles and a shot of strong milk coffee or kopi susu. Love their Southeast Asian twist on a classic.

Kusuka is like a pocket rocket, small but packs a lot of punch in terms of their food and drinks. The service is also excellent. I will definitely be back.

Ramen Raff was invited as a guest of Kusuka Cafe.

Kusuka Cafe
Shop 4, Bijou Lane
107-121 Quay Street
Haymarket NSW 2000

Kusuka Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. Nice pics! Been curious about what this place is like ...

  2. Okay that is a first for me, avogato!! I seriously want to try it.

  3. woah that crackle on the pork belly!

  4. Nice place for best and delicious food. Interesting information. Thanks for sharing:)


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