Sunday, September 17, 2017

Slurpfest by Rising Sun Workshop: Haru Inukai Night

I miss Japan! Especially the food and shopping. But you know what else I miss? Haru Inukai's ramen! Ramen Ikkyu was loved by many and probably the most innovative ramen shop in Sydney back then. Luckily for some of us, we got to try another one of Haru-san's creations at his collab with Rising Sun Workshop for Slurpfest

150 hungry ramen loving humans came for the night. It was the busiest slurpfest night to date but team Rising Sun and Haru handled it like it was a piece of cake. Heaps of karaage chicken, kingfish tostadas and radish sesame salads were making its way to tables along with beers and cocktails. 

Then there's Haru-san's truffle ramen:

I've had a version of his amazing tonkotsu truffle ramen before and everyone is glad that it made an appearance at Slurpfest! The springy housemade noodles were cooked futsu and it included toppings like a perfect tender juicy thick slices of sous vide chicken chashu, rockets,menma and ajitsuke tamago. The soup was a smooth and thick tonkotsu broth with potato, truffle and shoyu tare. The amount of truffle was just right and added sweetness and light nutty earthy notes to the broth. The starch from the potato gave it extra body and density. It could do with less rockets but nevertheless, it was an amazing bowl and I crushed it!
Chef Haru and Chef O-san (His turn next Sunday!)

RSW Head Chef Nick Smith and Chef Haru

Haru-san still has the magic ramen touch and his innovative prowess still shines. It was indeed an amazing Rising Sun Workshop x Haru Inukai Slurpfest night!

Click here for my behind the scenes video of the on Youtube

Ramen Raff attended Slurpfest as a collaborator of Rising Sun Workshop.

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