Sunday, September 10, 2017

Slurpest by Rising Sun Workshop: Cool Mac Cafe Night

It was Cool Mac's turn to collaborate with Rising Sun Workshop on the 3rd night of Slurpfest! Y'all know how much I've raved about Cool Mac's food especially Junichi's ramen in a pastreview I did. I have also added them to my list of Best Ramen in Sydney. They are so legit and I wish I lived closer to this Kirribilli establishment. 

Rising Sun's amazing radish with umami packed sesame dressing

 Cool Mac Cafe is the newest kid in the Sydney ramen scene. The cafe has been operating for 8 years but they only started doing weekly ramen specials a few months ago. Rising Sun's sides are stellar as usual and the team up with Jun, Yayoi and Eugene went smooth and Cool as a Mac Daddy (pun intended). 

O.G. Kumamoto ramen
Jun-san's ramen is called the OG Kumamoto ramen. You can take the dude out of Kumamoto Kyushu but you can't take Kyushu away from Junichi. The island of Kyushu is the birthplace of tonkotsu ramen so I expected nothing less from Jun. The noodles is the classic style wavy noodles cooked between katame and medium. Toppings include a tender thick cut aburi (grilled) chashu, hanjuku ajitama, braised menma, shiraga negi, roasted nori and garlic chi-yu in a super thick shoyu tonkotsu broth. The thick broth coats every strand of noodles and the amount of umami and sweetness from the aged soy tare is just right. The broth was rich and had so much depth. The sweetness from the garlic chiyu and and negi help cut through the richess of the broth. This is the most conservative ramen so far in the Slurpfest series but it made a big impact. Every ingredient was a star. 
Left to right: Ivan, Nick, Junichi, Eugene, Yayoi

From the 22nd of September, Friday nights will be ramen night at Cool Mac!

Next up is Haru-san! Who's excited???! Coz I know I am.

Ramen Raff attended Slurpfest as a collaborator of Rising Sun Workshop.

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