Monday, August 21, 2017

Slurpfest by Rising Sun Workshop: Gumshara Night

Happiness was just a slurp away at Rising Sun Workshop's (RSW) Slurpfest: Ramen Masters series. Mori-san kicked things off on the first night of slurpfest. At 6pm the hip-hop tunes came, crowds started to fill up the place and the classic film Tampopo was projected on the wall as a genius backdrop. It wasn't just a ramen event; it was also a celebration of Japanese cuisine's influence on Sydney. 

Whilst Mori-san and Masa-san of Gumshara were busy with the ramen side, Nick and Ivan looked after the side dishes. Dan and the rest of the RSW team were resposible for a wide range of drinks (shakes, sodas, coffee, cocktails, beers etc.) and making sure the guests were all well taken care of. It was busy and the place was packed; yet everybody was chilled.

Down to the food:

Meaty tonkotsu ramen

Mori's tokusei (special) ramen of the night was his Niku Chasu-men a.k.a The Meaty Tonkotsu Ramen ($20 ticket price). It stayed true to Muteppou's Kansai-style super thick tonkotsu ramen. A mountain of special cut chashu (almost 3 times bigger than the usual), noodles cooked somewhere between katame and futsu, hanjuku egg, negi (green onions), and the most delicious chewy menma in his signature kotteri shoyu tonkotsu broth. The broth had more depth than usual and I liked it. The chashu had more meat than fat but was extremely tender. The good kind of protein overload. We expected no less from Sydney's king of rich tonkotsu ramen.
Radishes dressed in sesame

Kingfish ceviche tostada

Karate chicken

The radishes dressed in sesame ($8) were all about highlighting the freshness and quality of the produce. RSW's karaage chicken ($10) was super tasty and crisped on the outside. The karaage was also topped with kewpie mayo and a sweet and sticky sauce that had hints of umami. The kingfish ceviche tostada ($10) was insane! The contrast of flavours and textures of the sweetish kingfish, sour pickled radish and creamy avocado with the crispy tostada was perfection. The side dishes were a great exhibition of RSW's quality produce sourcing ethos.

Here's a short video footage of the night:

Thank you to everyone that came! Can't wait to see what Abe-san of Chaco bar is doing on the 3rd of Septemeber. Until then, ja mata ne?!

Ramen Raff attended as a collaborator of Rising Sun's Slurpfest event.

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  1. I'm so happy to hear it went well. I ran into Dan at RSW on the weekend and he says there's been a great response. How exciting that Chaco Bar is next. Hope the rest of the dinners are as slurp-worthy and successful!


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