Monday, August 7, 2017

12-Micron, Barangaroo - Sydney

The Streets of Barangaroo dining precint is one of my favourite places in the Sydney CBD area. You got places like Ume Burger, Short Stop Donuts, Belle's and more. One of the latest additions to the precint is 12-Micron.

This new Australian contemporary restaurant is produce driven with ethos of supporting local Australian produce. Their crockery were also sourced from local potters. So much like the beauty of a 12-Micron wool fibre, the interior is refined and elegant. From fitting to crockery and food, you can see inspiration drawn from Australian elements of earth, ocean, land and air.

Over a month ago, I was lucky enough to have won a competition run by 12-Micron and the Streets of Barangaroo. The prize was that my guests and I were treated to a 7 course dessert degustation (normally $95 per person) from a menu designed by the legendary pastry chef Darren Purchese. Here's what we had on the night:

The coconut dessert consisted of coconut crumble, passionfruit jelly, ginger, sago and mint. This was an awesome start to the deg.

The gin and tonic looked beautiful on the plate but you have to be careful not to have each element on its own. The gin gel for example can be overpowering. But if you have all the gin, lime, cucumber and juniper elements together, you get a delicious dessert representation of a gin and tonic.
The cherry blossom dessert was a work of art! It consisted of elements of cheesecake, miso, chocolate and Sakura. This was one of my favourite dishes of the night.
Another absolute favourite of mine (probably the best out of all the dishes) is the pistachio and green tea cake dish. I loved the marriage of the buttery and nutty pistachio ice cream, the sweet citrus yuzu sphere and earthy green tea sponge cakes. The dish almost looked like a valley.
The explosive raspberry looked like a splatter paint art. This one had booming flavours. It had chocolate, raspberry sorbet, and a beautiful chocolate popping candy crumble.
The chocolate dessert dish was another winner! It had chocolate, mandarin and salted caramel. This dessert may have rich elements but it was well balanced as a whole. The mandarin’s sweetness and acidity help cut through all the rich flavours.
The smoked vanilla plate was sensational! It consisted of smoked vanilla, l’artisan le rouge washed rind cheese, pear and honeycomb. 

As this was a dessert degustation, it can get overwhelming on the palate and it was expected. But having said that, every dish was elegantly plated and well thought off. Not only did they look stunning but they also tasted delicious. The service was also excellent. I will need to come back to try their savoury dishes.

Ramen Raff and guests dined at 12 Micron as a prize to a competition that was run by 12-Micron and The Streets of Barangaroo.

Tower 1, Level 2
100 Barangaroo Avenue
Barangaroo NSW 2000
Ph: 02 8322 2075
Everyday from 12pm till late
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  1. You definitely did it the right way :)
    We went for dinner early this year and were pretty underwhelmed by the savouries. Desserts were a standout!

  2. Your photos are just absolutely top notch, Raff!


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