Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Superior Burger, Wakeley

Long before we saw the rise of American-style burgers in Sydney, there were OG joints that already existed. One of them being Jovan Curic's Pub Life Kitchen (PLK). Following the success of PLK Ultimo and Rozelle, Curic (born and raised in Sydney's Southwest) has decided to open a place that possibly serves the best burgers in Western Sydney.

Enter Superior Burger! An old school milkbar/diner that serves everything from classic burgers, fried chicken, milkshakes etc. So what sets this place apart from other burger places out West? It's the beautifully aged whole Watagan naturally raised beef used for their burger patties. "You know which body you are eating down to the tag number" says Jovan.
Iced tea and beer battered potato scallops
They do housemade sweetened lemon iced that's zesty and refreshing. You can also get old school beer-battered potato scallops ($2 each). These delicious potato scallops had a super tasty crisped batter. Dayumn!
Fried chicken
Their fried chicken ($6) consists of two juicy dark chicken meats (drumstick and thigh) with crunchy rippled buttermilk coating and some pickles.

Then there's the burgs:
The bird
The signature Pub Life Kitchen fried chicken burger, The Bird ($18): Deep fried chicken fillet coated in a rippled batter that consists of crushed Doritos with slaw, cheese and mayo in a soft milk bun. You need to get this!
Superior burger
The superior burger ($16) is a diner-style burger: beef patty, tomato, onions, lettuce, cheese and superior special sauce in a milk bun. Classic, no-nonsense and superior burger indeed from structure to flavours.
 Jovan gets what a classic cheeseburger ($15) is supposed to be: no salad in sight. Just aged beef patty, American cheese, onions, Mclure pickles, mustard and ketchup in a slightly toasted milk bun. I added extra doubled smoked streaky bacon ($4) for that smoky touch. The patty was perfectly seasoned and had more depth in flavour due to the aging process of the beef. The pickles offset the bite from the raw onion. The tang, acidity and sweetness from the ketchup and mustard sealed the deal. The whole burger handles well and not messy to eat at all. Still my favourite classic cheeseburger in Sydney to date.

Now you know where to find the some of the best burgers in Western Sydney. Come get it!

Superior Burger
Shop 5
30 Bulls Road
Wakeley NSW
Monday-Sunday: 12pm to 10pm

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  1. Raff.... freaking beautiful photos. To date, probably the best I've seen from Superior! I LOVE PLK and enjoyed the burgers at Superior but one thing I've found across the board is the bacon being a little under-cooked how'd I'd prefer it. Still, some of the best burgers in Sydney!

  2. Ahh so close to me! Definitely must go!


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