Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Grumpy Donuts, Sydney

I do-nut know about you but my #FRYday's are a lot brighter with doughnuts! They are amongst the most loved treats around the world. Almost every culture has their own version of them. I just can't get enough of those soft American-style glazed ring doughnuts! The Sydney doughnut scene has just gotten more sweet with the arrival of Grumpy Donuts! I've been wanting to try their doughnuts since they released them weeks ago across Sydney at cafes like The Wedge Espresso, Orto Trading Co and Bread & Butter.

Owners Elise and Scott are doughnut enthusiasts who has travelled the world and done their research of these loved treats. Shortly after refining their doughnuts, they unleashed the force that we've come to know as Grumpy Donuts. I first heard about them through my homegurl Alana (check out her blog post about Grumpy here). I was so stoked to have finally tried them myself last Friday! Here's what went down.
Maple bacon doughnut bar
I went for the maple bacon doughnut bar first! First thing I noticed was that the actual doughnut was soft (same goes for the other doughnut flavours) which is a good start. I could taste distinct maple flavour from the icing and it was perfectly complimented by the very smoky candied bacon. This was my favourite flavour amongst the others! It was also huge!
Buttered toast
The buttered toast doughnut was also exceptional! I loved the contrast of the glazed and crumbed toasted brioche. The brown butter glaze tasted like a combo of caramel and butter.
Original Glazed
The vanilla bean flavour in the glazing used for the original glazed doughnut came through nicely.
Vanilla oreo ring doughnut
If you love cookies and cream, then the vanilla oreo ring doughnuts are for you!
Peanut butter pretzel

They do not hold back on the peanut butter used for their peanut butter pretzel doughnut. The peanut butter icing just goes down well with the crushed pretzels and dulce de leche drizzle.
Caramel potato chips doughnut
I thought the caramel potato chips doughnut was going to be too salty because of Ruffles potato chips and salted caramel icing. But the flavours were well-balanced. The dulce de leche drizzle may have also played a part keeping the flavours in harmony.
The Grumpy
The Grumpy doughnut has neon pink coloured vanilla icing and candy sprinkles. I can't help but think of the Simpsons when I look at it!

Thank you Elise and Scott for bringing extra joy to Sydney with your amazing Grumpy Donuts! Check out their website for other flavours and how you can order doughnuts. Follow them on Instagram (@grumpydonutsofficial) and like them on Facebook ( for the latest updates!

Grumpy Donuts


  1. The grumpy looks so vivid!! The Maple Bacon has my name all over it :)

  2. Buttered toast donuts! Peanut butter pretzel! Caramel potato chips! Maple bacon bars! It's like they've gone into my brain and found all my favourite flavours combos. Can't wait to get my hands on all of these babies!

  3. They all look absolutely incredible, but that maple bacon donut bar looks inSANE!

  4. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (thanks again!)

  5. Doughnuts with bacon on them! Never had that before would love to try it.

  6. Great tasting doughnuts. These are the type of doughnuts that I love.


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