Thursday, July 9, 2015

Single Origin Roasters CBD, Sydney

In an ever changing world, consistency can be a good thing too. It maintains an established reputation and if it's already great, it stays great! Just like Single Origin Roasters and their Reservoir blend. Hence, why they've become of one of my favourite cafe/roasters of all time. The announcement of their CBD space opening on York Street was one of the best news I've heard recently. 

Single O CBD is a takeaway specialty coffee and sandwich shop. It has small bar-like areas if you choose to have your coffee and food there. The joint is made up of an awesome team headed by Michael Phelan. I love how they have the Reservoir blend up on the wall like it's an artwork/trophy. Well, it's a winning blend to start with anyway. Espresso, milk coffee and batch brews are available. The food mainly consists of sandwiches, toasties and some pastries. 

I tried a batch brew of Tanzania Mimba ($3.50). It had beautiful notes of red currant and light cola. It tasted almost like Kenyan coffee but more juicy. 
Caffe latte

Flat white

The vibrant sweetness and acidity of the Reservoir blend pierces through the milk of caffé lattes and flat whites ($3.50) nicely. Speaking about milk, Michael's milk texturing skills is off the hook and his latte art is at hectic competition level. The milk temperature was also perfect.
Mr Croque
The Mr Croque ($11 - from the breakfast menu available all day) is their play on the Croque Monsiuer. Hands down it is one of the best toasties I've had. It contains leg ham, béchamel, melted cheddar and pickled veggies in sourdough toast sandwich. The béchamel white was my favourite part with it being creamy, sweet and buttery. I could have this everyday and not get sick of it. 
Braised beef cheeks roll
Their braised beef cheeks roll ($15 - available from 11am for lunch) is nothing short of amazing! It is beef cheeks braised to perfection, pickles and slaw in a lightly toasted soft brioche bun. The beef cheek is flavoursome, buttery and tender that it just melts in your mouth. The pickles and creamy slaw was perfect for balacing out the whole dish. 

Basically, I'm a fan of what Single O is doing and especially with this new CBD addition. What Single O CBD lacks in shop size, it makes up and excels in both coffee, food and service. 

Single Origin Roasters CBD
89 York St
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9279 2677

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 7am - 4pm

Sat & Sun - closed
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