Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Carrington Hotel/Beba Y Cene - Wednesday night $10 burgers

Hump day is another name we use for Wednesday. For most of us, this is when we start counting down towards the weekend. Some visit a fancy restaurant and others crawl to a pub at night to relax and catch up with friends.

At the Carrington Hotel and Beba Y Cene, Wednesday night is $10 burger night. The fried chicken and slaw burger, lamb and chilli yoghurt burger, mushroom burger, shark and romesco burger and the occasional special burger of the night, each for an amazing $10 including a side of chips.  The burgers do not fall short of quality taste too.

 The Carrington Hotel and Beba Y Cene restaurant is located on Bourke Street, Surry Hills. The setting is rustic and lively. The superb menu is designed by head chef, Jamie Thomas. The cuisine is like a crossover of Spanish and Australian pub food with a gourmet touch. Both the Carrington Hotel pub and Beba Y Cene restaurant serves the $10 burgers.

I couldn't go pass the pinxtos (pronounced "pinchos" - mini Spanish bites/snacks on a skewer)  in the menu :
Paella onigiri with fried calamari (left) and kingfish pastrami on rye (right)
The paella onigiri with fried calamari ($4.50) is Chef Jamie's Spanish take on the classic Japanese dish/rice ball snack. While onigiri is traditionally made with white rice formed into a triangular or oval shape, here black paella is used. The idea and execution is genius. It tastes so good, I could eat it all day long. The squid is also cooked perfectly.

The kingfish pastrami on rye ($4) is an open sandwich pintxo. It was all kinds of awesome going on in my mouth - creamy, fresh, and very exquisite.

Now, down to the burgers (with generous amount of crunchy fries as side).
Lamb and chilli yoghurt burger
The lamb and chilli yoghurt burger is amazesome! The thick juicy lamb burger patty cooked medium well contained in a nice burger bun. The mild chilli yoghurt sauce adds a nice touch to this awesome burger.
Aussie beef burger
The burger special of the night was the Aussie beef burger. The burger was monster in size, flavourful and juicy! It had free range beef patty, egg (with oozing yolk..mmm), double cheese and beetroot.

 The service is great and ingredients are fresh. They also use free range products. One cannot go wrong with big servings and great tasting food that is nicely priced. Verdict? An addition to my list of favourite happy places! I will definitely be back to try the other burgers, pinxtos and tapas.

The Carrington Hotel /Beba Y Cene
563 Bourke Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Phone 9360 4714
Open for lunch and dinner

Joke time - Q: How do they prevent crime in hamburger city? A: With burger alarms!
Live it up, eat up and laugh!
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  1. Hooray burgers!!!!!

  2. The lamb has got my name all over it... *drools*

  3. i love burgers but never tried lamb yoghurt , it must be very delicious. thanks a lot for sharing .

  4. Lamb and chilli yoghurt burger ... hmm sounds greek cos it had the word 'yoghurt' but sounds good!

  5. I wasn't sure if their meat was free range or not so I've been sticking to the seafood (yes, which is meat too...I know) or the vego stuff. Time to go back and PIG OUT!

  6. hmm no greens on the beef burger? either way, been hearing lots of good things about the revamped menu here - looks pretty good to me. pub food at it's best :) cheap and cheerful lol

  7. thats a massive burger for $10 but im more lured towards their $3 pintxos tuesday night :P

  8. Well, it is currently Hump Day and I am seriously wishing someone would deliver one of those lamb burgers to my face right now! Looks yuuuum!

  9. Should I be adding this to my burger list??

  10. love a cheap eat and those burgers sound good!

  11. food porn food porn! shame i dont get out to surry hills often. there's so mcuh good stuff there

  12. The boy does love a good burger don't you. Another place for me to visit - on a Wednesday!!

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