Saturday, May 12, 2012

1945 - Indonesian/Dutch East Indies Restaurant

I recently had the pleasure of sampling authentic Indonesian/Dutch East Indies cuisine. I definitely enjoyed every bit of the experience.

The very humble but sophisticated restaurant called 1945 on Harris Street, Pyrmont has graced me with this experience. You maybe asking - What's the significance of 1945 with Indonesia? It was during the year  1945 when Indonesia declared its independence from the Dutch. As the year 1945 plays a big part in Indonesia's history, naming the restaurant after that year fits well with the type of cuisine they have to offer. It is a cuisine that’s authentic and rich in tradition.

As I sat, the soothing scent of lemongrass in the air was very evident. The spa-like backdrop music sets a calming and relaxing setting. Both scent in the air and the music has left a soothing feeling within me. Soon as the grand rijstaffel came out, the indulgence commenced.
Grand rijstaffel ($85)
The Grand rijstaffel ($85) is a sight to behold! Rijstaffel is a Dutch word that means, "rice table". It is like a huge sampling platter of side dishes in small portions accompanied by rice. 1945’s grand rijstaffel features an array of enticing colours and mouthwatering flavours. It is dishes of varying textures and degrees of spiciness. This particular rijstaffel is perfect for two people.

Here's a list of rijstaffel dishes:

Nasi koening –Turmeric rice

Nasi oedoek – Coconut rice
Sate babi – Grilled pork skewer
Ajam boemboe roedjak – Aromatic grilled chicken
Oedeng panggang goerih – Savoury grilled king prawn
Tjoemi goreng tepoeng – Fried calamari
Rendang daging – Indonesian beef curry
Telor ketjap – Braised hard-boiled egg
Sajoer asem – Tamarind soup
Oerap Sajoer – Blanched vegetables tossed in spiced grated coconut
Perkedel djagoeng – Corn fritter
Perkedel kentang daging – Minced beef and potato fritter
Terong belado – Eggplant with chilli
Goreng kentang boentjis – Stir fried potato and French beans
Kroepoek Oedang – Prawn crackers
Atjar Bening – Pickles
Sambal Trassi – Shrimp paste chilli sauce

The beef rendang (Rendang daging) and pork satay (Sate babi) were the stand out dishes for me. Their rendang (which is dry curry) is the Java version that is a little bit sweet and super tender. While the pork satay had a caramelised, slightly tangy and sweet barbecue taste.
Their iced milk tea with grass jelly is probably one of my most favourite versions of iced milk tea.  It is not overly sweet and the tea flavour is not too overpowering.
Will I be back? For sure! If the grand rijstaffel is just a peek of the rest of the menu, I can't wait to try the rest!

2/42-44 Harris Street
Pyrmont NSW 2009
(02)9660 9699

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  1. looks like a gorgeous indo restaurant! might take my parents there to enjoy their native cuisine there sometime :)

  2. The rijstaffel looks so good... like a mini buffet right at your table! Yummy!

  3. That looks like a great place to unwind and try something a bit different. I love it when restaurants are both soothing and exciting!

  4. what an interesting little place the food looks quite exotic! must put down a mental note for next time i feel like something different

  5. congratulations.......thanks for the info....

    kunjungi balik ya gan...


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