Thursday, April 26, 2012

Home, Thai restaurant, Sydney

Sydney is overflowing with Thai restaurants. Almost every suburb would have a local Thai restaurant. Most of these restaurants make use of name puns. But one place took a more simple approach and named itself "Home".

Home is a Thai restaurant located on Sussex Street (right across the cinema car park), Sydney.  The setting is casual and contemporary. Speaking about being contemporary, the wait staff here takes your order using an iPad. So cool right?

Home serves good value and authentic Thai cuisine. Maybe the reason behind the name is to give reference to the dishes and drinks. Staying true to how they are prepared back "home", in Thailand.

Here are some dishes that I have tried so far:

Sai Groog Isan

The sai groog isan ($11.50) is a homemade Thai sausage. It is very garlicky and a little bit peppery in taste.

Chicken Pad Thai

The chicken Pad Thai ($11.90) is something I often order at Thai restaurants. This is one of my favourite versions of this classic Thai dish.

Pad pik khing 

If you love pork and don't mind a spicy dish, then try the Pad pik khing ($14.90). This is my absolute favourite Home dish! It is stir-fried crispy pork belly with chili, lime leaf, green bean and pik khing sauce. The pik khing (also known as prik khing - chilli pepper & ginger curry paste) sauce has a very mild spicy hit and is slightly sweet. To some taste buds, the curry paste/sauce could be too spicy. It's the crispiness of the pork crackling and combination of the curry paste that makes this dish sublime and standout.

Gang Dang Ped

The gang dang ped ($13.50) - roast duck curry is for the lovers of spicy red curry. The duck is well cooked and the milky red curry is superb.

Thai iced tea (Iced milk tea, Thai-style)
You cannot go wrong with authentic Thai dishes that are nicely priced and very pleasing to the taste buds. My Home Thai experience was very yummy for my tummy! How's yours?

Home Thai
2/299-305 Sussex Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9261 5058
Operating hours:
Lunch: 11:00am to 5:00pm
Dinner: 5:00pm to 10:30pm

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  1. I love red duck curry.... Must have dish whenever I have Thai. I've always walked past Home and seen how popular it is, must try it!

  2. Yum Pad pik khing! I must have it - how did I not see this dish on the last visit?

  3. Good timing Raff! checking this place out in two weeks! - the roast duck curry looks like a must get!

  4. that Sai Groog Isan looks awesome. Love thai, and I love sausages, i've got to try it!

  5. i love home thai but i cant stand the ridiculous line! u gotta try their desserts only $5.50 compared to $8.50 at chat thai

  6. did you notice their lv sling bags to carry the ipads! home is one of my two fav cheap thai food places, chat thai is my other fav :) that duck curry sounds real good esp for cold weather!

  7. I have been running a successful thai restaurant in toronto since last 6 years but never get into such activites where creating a brand among online food lovers would be the aim. Thanks for showing us a way.

  8. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.


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