Sunday, April 15, 2012

Moo Gourmet Burgers, Newtown

Burger me this, burger me that, where are the good burgers at? As much as I love to stay fit, I like to end my week with comfort food. I want food that would pick me up, de-stress my mind, please the taste buds and fill my stomach!

I usually indulge myself with servings of ramen, potato chips, chocolates, macarons, pad Thai and burgers! Lately, it's been burger mania in the world of Ramen Raff. It is Moo Gourmet Burgers that has satisfied my cravings for good burgers.

Got Milk?
Moo Gourmet Burgers is dedicated to its cause of serving top-grade burgers. Everything from Angus beef patties to the burger buns are of good quality. Their items in the menu are also inexpensive considering the big servings and quality.

Moo is located in various locations. The Newtown store, located on King Street, is where I had my Moo experience.
The Beef Wagyu Burger ($16.50) is the supreme burger. It has a thick juicy wagyu beef patty with chunks of brie cheese and caramelised onion, tomato, lettuce and homemade mayo. This is what "burger dreams" are made of. It was like being in a sweet dream as I ate my way through it.
 Duck and bacon burger ($16.50). It has Muscovy duck patty, free-range bacon, homemade mayo, lettuce, tomato and orange jam. The duck patty is surprisingly good and is bursting with flavour! The orange jam is sweet and sour in taste. Thanks to the jam, the burger transforms from good to gold! The hot chips on the side (extra $3.50) was super crispy and cooked to perfection.
The classic cheeseburger ($12.00). An oldie but a goodie.
Mad cow milkshake ($6.50). This is bliss in thick liquid form. An oreo cookie milkshake that is not overly sweet. Oh yeh!!! This is definitely my favourite milkshake ever!
 MOOteaser milkshake ($6.50). This one is for the malt chocolate fans out there! It's maltesers in the form of a milkshake. Not so sweet with malt chocolate goodness leaving the taste buds wanting more.
 Good value for money considering the huge burger servings and top-notch taste! The milkshakes are lusciously insane. The burgers and shakes at Moo Gourmet were very yummy for my tummy.  You had me at "Moo"!

Moo Gourmet Burgers
232 King Street  
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9565 4001
Hours: Sun-Sat 11am till late
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  1. I LOVE their burgers! Have been wanting to go back for their mango drink n chips n of course their burgers!! Actually just everything lol

  2. I absolutely adore Moo Burgers. I try not to have more than one a month but I love the Wagyu Beef Burger. Brie on a wagyu burger, sublime. I actually prefer Moo Burgers to the Charlie and Co Burgers as well as the legendary Rockpool Burger.

    It's always exciting to see another lover.

  3. Looking forward to the shakes and burgers at the burgerparty on Sunday. :) I haven't had a shake in a long time. But Oreo shake is sure to break the drought.

  4. Sounds awesome - I love that most of their meat is free-range, and like you said not expensive for what it is. Can't wait to tuck in this weekend.

  5. I walked passed this on my way to the Pit Tin and said, yep I'm coming back to this place. Love the look of the burgers. So generous with filling but yet not full of grease! LOVE the look of the mooteaser drink. how awesome is the name lol

  6. Those burgers ALL look awesome, but I'd have a hard time saying no to the one with brie and caramelised onions! Can't wait to try this place.

  7. Love the shakes at Moo! You've reminded me that it's been ages since I've been - I think a return visit is in order!

  8. lol love the opening line dude. and the suggestive sketch. I'll be having my first moo experience on sunday and after reading this I can't wait!

  9. WOW! I love the look of the milkshake lol. The burgers look pretty darn good too.

  10. Duck and bacon burger? I am definitely getting that.

  11. Ok...I'm so taking Marluwn here one of these weekends. It's a must try. Looks amazing!! That Mooteaser Milkshake YUMO! I want to try that duck bacon burger. So hungry right now!

  12. i WANT that milkshake NOW!
    burgers also look pretty amazing... but the milkshake first!

    and now i'm singing "my milk shake brings all the boys to the yard..."


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