Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meet Fresh - Chinatown, Sydney

When it comes to cold desserts, there is no such thing as the weather being too cold to have such a delight. Especially, if the desserts are from Meet Fresh. If you fancy hot desserts or drinks, they have it too. Let me start by giving you reasons why you should visit Meet Fresh:
1. The desserts and drinks are amazingly good and unique.
2. Desserts are made from fresh and natural ingredients.
3. They ensure that they serve you the best and healthiest handmade desserts.

Taiwan is where the Meet Fresh magic started. Mr and Mrs Fu wanted to provide customers with handmade desserts handled with love and care. This was how Meet Fresh was born with now more than 100 stores and it continues to expand. Meet Fresh in Chinatown, Sydney is a casual dessert house located corner of Dixon and Goulburn Street, right next to Mamak. I have visited Meet Fresh twice in the past and had to queue on both occasions. That's how popular and great this place is. This time around was extra special. Aside from not having to queue up, I was able to sample some of their best desserts with some super cool fellow Food Bloggers like Thang (Noodlies), Simon (The heart of food), Betty a.k.a. Sugarpuffi (Sugar's Sweet Blog) and Julie (I dream in chocolate). Also, a special thanks to Kat for making this all happen.
Here is a list of all the desserts and drinks that we were privileged with to try:

Taro Balls  No. 7 (Taro mash+Honey Beans +Pearls) - cold dessert
Taro Balls No. 3 (Red Beans+ Peanuts+Pearls) - hot dessert
Signature Herbal Jelly (Taro Balls) - cold dessert
Tofu Pudding with Lotus Seeds - cold dessert
Supreme Mango with Milky Crushed Ice
Camelia Tea (hot) – Newly launched
Lemon Winter melon Tea (cold)
Herbal Ice with Whipped Cream (cold)
Honey Lemonade (cold)
Mountain Green Tea (cold)
Soda Tea Float Series – Mango and Yaleto
All the drinks were refreshingly amazing, but it was the lemon winter melon tea that captured my attention. It is citrusy with subtle sweetness. The winter melon gives the traditional lemon iced tea a more fruity twist.
My favourites out of all the awesome desserts would be the Supreme Mango and Taro No. 7. I have thing for desserts with crushed ice. It has something to do with the crushed ice being a good absorbing medium for juices, syrups and liquids present in its ingredients. The coolness also adds to the refreshing factor of the dessert.

supreme mango with milky crushed iced
Upon my first taste of the supreme mango with milky crushed iced, I felt like I was transported from winter to summer. This dessert is very tropical indeed with mango pieces and a scoop of luscious ice cream over crushed ice with milk. It was an instant hit for me and my taste buds.
taro balls no. 7 dessert
OH YEAH! Says my taste buds to the taro balls no. 7 dessert which had textures and taste that lures you into having more and more spoonfuls of it. Crushed iced beautifully accompanied with taro and sweet potato balls, taro mash, honey beans and black pearls. What beautifully holds it all together is a sweet syrup poured into the crushed ice. It is awesome as it is but I prefer to add a little bit of milk to it.

Signature Herbal Jelly (Taro Balls) - cold dessert

Tofu Pudding with Lotus Seeds - cold dessert

Taro Balls No. 3 (Red Beans+ Peanuts+Pearls) - hot dessert
Meet fresh is a dessert place I see myself returning to again and again. The combinations of flavours are insanely good with the use of fresh ingredients. The servings are generous and the service is fast. The desserts at Meet Fresh was very yummy for my tummy! How’s yours?
Meet Fresh
13 Goulburn Street
Haymarket NSW 2000
(02) 8339 1031
Mon-Thu, Sun 11am-12am
Fri-Sat 11am-1am

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  1. Oh the flashback! Love the company and love the Supreme Mango too!

  2. The mango supreme looks so refreshing, must remember to give that one a try.

  3. oh man! Those desserts look SOOO good! This one.. definitely on my visit list!

  4. It was so strange eating nothing but dessert for dinner.

    A number of good desserts but mango supreme ruled!

  5. I really like the tofu pudding here :)

  6. Hey just started reading your blog today, the name instantly drew me.... ramen is also a great passion of mine haha.

    Anyway digging your style so keep it up!

    BTW have you tried ryo's noodles in crows nest? These noodles are amazing too!

  7. Hi Thang - Company and supreme mango was awesome!

    Hi Dumpling Girl - Everything was refreshing but the supreme mango was something else!

    Hi Mary - Visit it soon! You'll love it.

    Hi Simon - It was strange and good at the same time! hehe Had crispy fried chicken with tomato rice after our Meet Fresh session! Supreme mango definitely ruled!

    Hi Tina - Tofu pudding was good too :)

    Hi Rockehenry - Thank you! Very much appreciated :)
    Glad to know another ramen lover out there! Haven't been to Ryo's noodles, but it is in my wish list ti visit. Go ramen go!

  8. So bummed I missed this - I've been once and was so overwhelmed by the unfamiliar I didn't know what to get. The Herbal Jelly it was for me and I REALLY liked it.

  9. Some nice looking deserts there! Would love to try the mango one! Lucky you got to try them all!!

  10. this is amazing, thanks for this review and photos! i've been craving taiwanese style desserts for a long time but wasn't sure of the best place to satisfy them. i might just run to meet fresh tomorrow. :)!

  11. I've been to the Chinatown store and couldn't find a mango dish.
    Dumpling girl, where did you have the mango dish?


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