Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Arisun - Haymarket, Sydney

Korean food is amazing! Especially if it is K-food from Arisun. What I enjoy most about Korean cuisine is how well they use and incorporate sweet and spicy elements in their dishes. These are elements that I like a lot and have experienced in my recent food trip to Arisun.

Arisun is located on Dixon Street (between Goulburn and Liverpoool Streets), right in the heart of Chinatown, Sydney. I love fried food very much and I'm always on the hunt for a place that serves good fried food. Chocolatesuze recommended that I check out Arisun's awesome fried chicken.  So Mrs. Ramen Raff and I decided to pay Arisun a visit.

The staff were very welcoming and pleasant. The place was very casual and neat. Without further ado, we ordered what our hungry hearts desired. We ordered a jajangmyeon and their popular sweet and spicy fried chicken.

This was the first time we've tried jajangmyeon and we sure diddly loved it! It is wheat noodles covered in rich/thick sweet and salty black soybean paste sauce with diced meat and vegetables. Y'all must give this dish a go! Serving size was pretty good too.


sweet and spicy fried chicken
Down to the sweet and spicy fried chicken. After my first bite, the reason behind it's popularity was revealed, it was pure awesomeness! No doubt yo! It was like 
Korean-style buffalo wings. The spicy factor was mild. Again, the serving was very generous. Three to four people could easily share it.
We will surely return to Arisun soon to try other dishes. If you haven't been to Arisun and you like Korean food, well, hurry up and give it a go! Their food was definitely very yummy for my tummy!
1 Dixon Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9264 1588
Open for Lunch and Dinner Mon-Sun

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  1. hello fried chicken! will pop by and make a visit soon :D

  2. i'd really like to try this, i have only ever tried super hot korean food!

  3. reading this just makes me hungry yo~ mm kfc :D

  4. Did they give you the water napkins?

    I made the mistake of thinking they were mints...

  5. Yeah, this place is cool Raff. Been a couple of times and it doesn't disappoint. Love the fried chicken.

  6. I have to try those Korean-style buffalo wings, they look way too good!

  7. I've heard about the fried chicken here...looks pretty dang good to me!

  8. i like the sound of korean buffalo wings!


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