Wednesday, August 3, 2011

American Food Trip 2011 - Part 2

Wassup y'all?! Our American food trip continues! This part consists of day two and three in San Francisco (SF). It is true when people say that the servings in America are big. There are people who gets turned off eating and trying out restaurants at the thought of huge servings.  Not me though! The fact that restaurants serve up massive amounts of food only makes me excited and want to eat more. That's my ramen power at work! Yatta!
Saiwaii Ramen
A trip to a foreign land would not be complete without trying one of the best ramen joints it  has to offer. I'm not called Ramen Raff for nothing. Sawaii ramen is a Japanse noodle house that that serves very good Japanese dishes.

spicy garlic tonkotsu ramen with chunks of pork belly

I ordered the popular spicy garlic tonkotsu ramen with extra chunks of pork belly. It's like a fusion of tonkotsu and tantanmen. The broth stays true to the porky taste of a tonkotsu broth but spicy with a hint of garlic. I liked it but the pork belly was the star of the show! It was tender with a sweet soy type flavour. Itadakimasu!

tonkotsu ramen with pork belly 

The milky looking broth of the tonkotsu ramen with pork belly was rich in taste. The broth was a little less thick and porky than what I'm used to but it was still very nice.

kaarage chicken

The karaage chicken was excellent in texture and taste! The texture was crispy, doughy and the taste of ginger, mirin, and soy sauce in the chicken was well balanced.
Nation Burger
A fast food burger place that was highly recommended by our cousins. They boast to have one of the biggest burgers in the Bay area. Not the biggest burger I’ve seen (as we have bigger burgers in Sydney) but their servings are bigger than what I’m used to. It was midnight when we paid this place a visit.

bacon cheeseburger

The fillings inside the bacon cheeseburger were awesome! It consisted of a huge juicy beef patty, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion and melted cheddar cheese.
chili fries

I also ordered the chili fries thinking they were just french fries flavoured with some sort of chilli powder. It was actually a huge container with a lot of french fries, topped with a lot chili con carne and melted cheese. It was more than just hearty, it was heavy but very flavoursome. This was a hit for my tastebuds.

Bubba Gump
One does not just go to America and not go to Bubba Gump. It is a must! Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. is a casual dining type restaurant inspired by the film Forrest Gump. After our orders were taken, the waiter did a quick Forrest Gump trivia to entertain us. “What was Lt. Dan’s rank in the army? “ he asked. I was like “umm..Lieutenant?” Yeah! Ramen Raff scores! Back to the food, this restaurant serves Southern and Cajun dishes. Most of their specialty dishes is seafood based.

Cajun Shrimp
Cajun Shrimp served with garlic butter bread for dipping was the perfect way to start dinner! The shrimps were sauteed in a hot and spicy Cajun butter sauce. The Cajun seasoning in the sauce was not too strong but it still gave this dish a bit of bite. Not too spicy either.

dumb luck coconut shrimps

The dumb luck coconut shrimp, was pretty good too. It had a crunchy batter with desiccated coconut and the shrimp was well cooked. Fried shrimp with something coconut is always a perfect combo for me.
dixie style baby back ribs

I could not resist the sight of the dixie style baby back ribs in the menu. It was as I expected it to be! Ribs with tender meat that fell off the bone. It was smokey and tangy in flavour. The ribs were accompanied by french fries that were fried to perfection.
Mama's southern fried chicken

Mama's southern fried chicken is a boneless chicken breast cooked to golden and crunchy perfection. Fried chicken thigh, wings, and drumsticks is more of my taste but this fried chicken breast was great. The meat was very juicy. Oh mama!

So, if you'll ask me whether I would go visit this awesome food places in SF again? My answer is: Yeah man! I certainly would because the food was very yummy for my tummy.

Saiwaii Ramen

2240 Irving Street
San Francisco, California 94122, United States
(415) 665-7888
Saiwaii Ramen on Urbanspoon

Nations Burger

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant

39 Pier Suite M210,
San Francisco, CA 94133, United States
(415) 781-4867

Bubba Gump Shrimp Company on Urbanspoon


  1. You know what? As crazy as it sounds, I miss chilli cheese fries.. When I first heard of these fries, I too thought they had chilli involved.. Oh how wrong were we!

  2. Dude, those chilli cheese fries look pretty awesome. That's something we don't have here. The ramen also looks tasty. How does it compare to what we have here?

  3. Hi Phuoc - It was a mistake that I didn't mind at all. The chili fries were so good!

    Hi Nick - The chili fries were totes awesome! Saiwaii's tonkotsu ramn was amazing. But Gumshara's  ramen is still better.

    Hi Shaun - I said the exact same thing when I first had chili fries.

  4. Aaw I love the Bay area! You make me miss the US so much :( burgers are so much better in the States!

  5. love it when there's a whole lotta bacon goin' on!

  6. I always think American food is going to be huge, but your meals actually look like a decent serve. The baby back ribs look superb.

  7. Can't go past the ribs and of course a big fat juicy piece of beef steak!

  8. I love Bubba Gump! The nation burger chili look tasty...


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