Sunday, May 22, 2011


For Mr and Mrs Ramen Raff, there can never be too much Japanese food. We love it and we certainly love Wagaya. 
This was our second visit to Wagaya within 2 weeks. When we had a taste of what the Wagaya fuss was all about, I just had to take our family with us to experience it.

I love the decor and architecture at this izakaya dining place. It was modern, clean and sleek. What I love most about Wagaya is the food and the touch screen ordering system. You pick your order from a touch screen and the food is served almost in an instant. I swear, it was fast!

Sukiyaki (before)

Sukiyaki (after)

First served was my all-time favourite sukiyaki. A hot pot with mix vegetables, thin noodles, tofu, and slices of beef in a sweet and salty broth consisting of soy sauce, dashi, mirin, and sugar. The taste brings me back to my childhood days when I used to enjoy a sukiyaki with my grandma back in Manila. The Wagaya version was just as good. The sweetness was just right and the fishy taste from the dashi in the broth was not overpowering. The serving was pretty generous too. I highly recommend this dish. 
Tempura prawns

The tempura prawns were cooked up to standard. The batter was light, slightly crunchy, and dough-like.

Scallops and garlic fried rice

The scallops and garlic fried rice was amazing. It was served in a hot stone bowl. The dish has a lively yellow colour, a taste to remember and scallops mmmmmm. 
Salmon fried rice

The salmon fried rice, was also served on a hot stone bowl. This is a must for salmon lovers. It was slightly sweet and salty.

Karaage chicken

The karaage chicken is a classic. Crunchy on the outside while slightly salty with a hint of ginger on the inside.

Grilled fish

The grilled fish looks very traditional. It was perfectly cooked inside and grilled to crisp.
Ice green tea latte
Mrs Ramen Raff enjoying her ice green tea latte

The ice green tea latte was just sublime. It had a more milky and slightly sweet flavour. The scoop of green tea ice cream brings the whole drink together.

My verdict? The food at Wagaya is very yummy for my tummy!

1/78 Harbour Street
Haymarket NSW 2000
(0) 9212 6068
Monday - Sunday 5pm to 2am

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  1. Hi Raf!
    That place looks awesome! Really traditional Japanese...will def give it a try!

  2. I LOVE WAGAYA! ahhh i miss it! i better go visit soon! :)

  3. @Isy - Hi Isabelle! you definitely have to visit this place. The best Jap izakaya restaurant in sydney!

    @idontcryieat - Hi Daph! We love it too and our next visit might be coming up sooner than expected! LOL

  4. i love karaage from Wagaya .... -ladykickboxer


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