Wednesday, May 18, 2011

East Ocean and Passionflower for Sunday Brunch

East Ocean

A trip to East Ocean for Yum Cha was long overdue. My wife and I decided to hit this joint for a Sunday brunch.

Roast suckling pig

The roast suckling pig, is one of my weaknesses in life. It was delicate and lethal with suckling taste. In my opinion, nothing beats the texture and crunchiness of a suckling pig crackling.

Pork ribs with black bean sauce

The pork ribs with black bean sauce here is one of the best that I’ve had. The taste of black bean was present but subtle. It was succulent and full porky goodness.

Pork dumplings with crab roe (Siumai)

Pork dumplings with crab roe (siumai) is a classic must have in any Yum Cha. I could devour these dumplings all day long.

Stir fried sticky rice wirh dried sausage

The Stir fried sticky rice with dried sausage was very filling. One serving was enough for me.

Rice paper wrapped prawns with sesame

A new addition to our choice of Yum Cha items is the rice paper wrapped prawns with sesame. Compared to other rice paper wrapped prawns that I’ve tasted in the past, East Ocean’s version has more filling and flavour. This will be a permanent to our list of “must be ordered yum cha items”.

Mango and cream pancake rolls

Mango and cream pancake rolls was the last item. The combination of mango and cream had a very refreshing and tropical taste. The cream complimented the mango well. Whilst the pancake that it was rolled in had a delicate soft texture.


Just before ending our Sunday in town, we decided to go to Passionflower near Town Hall station on George street. No matter what time of the year, it is never too warm or cold for an ice cream.

Black sesame ice cream

My wife ordered the black sesame ice cream in a waffle basket. It wasn’t just a pretty looking ice cream. It also tasted pretty damn good. Infusing black sesame into ice cream is genius.

Thai tea ice cream

I went with their thai tea flavoured ice cream. This will definitely be one of my new favourite ice cream flavours, which I will frequently order. It tasted exactly like my favourite Iced Thai Tea drink.

I’m looking forward to my next visit to East Ocean and Passionflower to have their food that is yummy for my tummy.

East Ocean Restaurant
Level 1
421-429 Sussex Street, Haymarket NSW 2000
(02) 9212 419a8
Open Weekdays 10am-2am
Weekends 9am-2am

East Ocean on Urbanspoon

Passionflower Pavilion
Shop G01, Ground Level
Pavilion Plaza
580 George Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Phone number: (02) 9267 0075
Sunday to Thursday: 10am - midnight
Friday & Saturday: 10am - 1am
Public Holidays: 10am - midnight

Passionflower on Urbanspoon


  1. Wow I like the new layout of the blog Raff!! My mouth is watering! LOL

  2. oh man i want roast suckling pig!!! was it exxy to have that at yum cha?

  3. @ Meds - Thanks Medy! I got hungry looking at the photos too LOL Actually, I'm always hungry.

    @ Chocolatesuze - it was definitely super exxy! I'm craving it right now hahaha

  4. The mango and cream pancake rolls look so soft and silky! Like the texture wouldn't be that doughy pancake taste but more of a soft crepe?

  5. @Ringo-chan - definitely soft and silky like a soft crepe. Yes, they were yum!

  6. Hi there, I was trying to decide which yum cha I should try and now seeing these mango and cream pancakes, I am so there!! Thanks,but I do hope they still serve them:)


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