Sunday, May 29, 2011

Baroque Bistro, Bar & Patisserie

Who loves macarons? Ramen Raff does! And so does the Ramen League. Tonkotsu Bexx, Karaage Carmen, and I (Miso Scott missed out big time!) head to Baroque Bistro, Bar and Patisserie for lunch. It is home to the best macarons in Sydney. Baroque Bistro is an establishment brought to us by the Charkos family of La Renaissance Cafe and Patisserie.

I find that for some reason, most people who love Japanese cuisine also has similar feelings towards French cuisine. What does both cuisines have in common that makes them popular in the culinary world? Could it be the freshness and combination of ingredients, the techniques used, the presentation, and perfection in its simplicity? 
Salted caramel macarons ($2.50 a piece)

Black truffle macarons ($6.00 a piece)

Chai macarons ($2.50 a piece)

Pear and Chestnut ($2.50 a piece)

We were warmly welcomed and greeted by the maître d'. But it wasn't just the maître d' that warmly greeted us, so did the beautiful macarons and other masterpieces from the pastry kitchen. My absolute favourite macarons are the salted caramel and black truffle macarons.

Baroque sets a relaxing and yet sophisticated ambience. The decor is very modern and also European which reflects the essence of The Rock's old & new Euro vibe. For almost a year now, I have enjoyed the comfort of their macarons, pastry, and excellent coffee. It was not until a recent lunch trip that I was able to try the Bistro menu.

confit of bangalow porkneck, mussel and lovageemulsion, garlic & charred leeks ($19)

The confit of bangalow pork neck was very tender, moist and packed with its natural savoury taste. The mussel and lovage emulsion gently presents to my mouth freshness and sophistication. The slight smokey and sweet flavour from the garlic and charred leeks complimented the natural and gentle taste of the dish. It was a moment of absolute bliss. I enjoyed each bite.

Croutons with Saffron butter

Bouillabaisse - Friday's Plat du jour ($25 with a glass of wine)

The bouillabaisse is a mix seafood dish in a fishy broth. The colour itself was very enticing. The broth had a light cream texture with a mixture of mussel and fish flavour. 
Barramundi, vadouvan, heirloom carrot, soubise, chicken vinaigrette $34
The barramundi, vadouvan, heirloom carrot, soubise, chicken vinaigrette was too beautiful to even tamper with. It was perfectly cooked and was very moist inside.
Cafe gourmand - 3 macarons with
your choice of coffee ($10)
We ended our lunch affair with a cafe and champagne gourmand. The skinny cappuccino was good as usual.  It was strong, smooth and frothy. The macarons had a delicate shell with a ganache that’s a little bit chewy.  Amongst the macarons were two of the winter range, the pear & chestnut and chai macarons. The pear & chestnut macaron had a light citrus and nutty taste. The chai macaron was superb and had a well balance tangy, sweet, lightly spicy taste just like a chai tea.

Baroque Bistro, Bar & Patisserie is an establishment that is sure to last for many years. The food is absolutely amazing and reasonably priced, the customer service is exceptional and a location that is iconic. Truly deserving to be amongst the iconic landmarks of The Rocks. My lunch at Baroque bistro was amazing and the food was yummy for my tummy. How’s yours?
Baroque Bistro, Bar and Patisserie
8 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9241 4811
Weekdays 12pm-11:30pm; 
Sat 9am-11:30pm; 
Sun 9am-3:30pm

Baroque | Bistro Bar Patisserie on Urbanspoon
Baroque | Bistro Bar Patisserie on Urbanspoon


  1. Great photos, raff! the macarons look amazing!

  2. mmm...their macarons are awesome! and welcome to the food blogosphere :)

  3. @idontcryieat - Thanks Daphne! The macarons there are amazing and truly the best in Sydney. The salted caramel, black truffle, and chai are my favourite macarons.

    @sugarpuffi - I'm in love with their macarons! And thanks for welcoming me!

  4. The bouillabaisse looks pretty rich and thick!

  5. some nice looking macarons there!! Would like to try the salted caramel ones..

  6. Great pics of the macarons! luckily i'm going tomorrow for a much needed fix :)

  7. @chopinandmysaucepan - it only looks thick but it is pretty light.

    @Joseph - Dude, you must try the salted caramel. It beats any other salted caramel macaron that I've tried elsewhere.

    @miss.jay - Thanks! :) Try their winter range macarons too! The chai macaron is really good.

  8. you remind me i have to go eat those truffle macarons! They look delish :D

  9. Those desserts look amazing!!!

  10. YUM! Baroque is on the list of places to try, I've only been there for desserts. I'd imagine it would be spectacular to go there now especially for all those rich and comforting winter warmer dishes!

  11. @Phuoc' n Delicious - You must try the bouillabaise! It's a good winter warmer.


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