Monday, December 19, 2016

Gingergirl pop-up at The Star, Pyrmont

The strong aromatics and lovely flavours of Southeast Asian cuisine is very synonymous with summer. All things fun and exciting from visuals to flavours. Think about som tum, turmeric rice, kaeng phed ped yang, ayam bakar etc.

Teage Ezard and the team behind Melbourne's Gingerboy has opened an amazing pop-up at The Star called Gingergirl. The pop-up will run until the end of March 2017 and Chef Owen Mongkonchai will be leading the Gingergirl team. It is located in the food court area near Gelato Messina. Expect mouthwatering Southeast Asian inspired dishes that will leave you wanting more.
Son in law eggs

The son in law eggs ($8) is a Gingerboy signature that makes an appearance on the menu. A twiced cooked egg that's been soft boiled and then flash fried. It's served with a beautiful chilli jam that has a sweet, tangy and slightly smoky taste. The egg is slightly crisped on the outside with a perfect sexy runny yolk. It is so simple but sensational!
Red duck leg curry
The red duck leg curry ($18 comes with rice) is a classic with a twist. It has more tender meat compared to a kaeng phed ped yang and the sauce is more creamy with sweet and gingery notes. The basil adds fragrance and sweet peppery flavour to the dish.
Wagyu brisket
The wagyu brisket ($22) was so tender and it came with a peanut tamarind caramel sauce that was honey like with sour notes. It worked well with the buttery meat of the wagyu brisket. The hot and sour coconut salad was there to give it a nice balance.
Salt and pepper chicken spareribs
The salt and pepper chicken spareribs ($16) with spicy tamarind sauce was another standout dish. This coated fried chicken spareribs and the sauce was very similar to buffalo wings mostly in flavour. It had a similar flavour to cayenne pepper sauce but with more sweet and sour notes.
Stir fried yellow turmeric rice
The stir fried yellow turmeric rice ($10) was the perfect accompaniment with the chicken spareribs! Full of nutty flavours and aromatics.
Thom kha creme brûlée
The thom kha crème brulee ($10) is probably one of th best and innovative creme brulee's I've had. The custard is infused with ingredients based on a creamy galangal soup recipe, so you get lovely subtle hints of lemongrass at the end of every bite. It is also topped with fresh-diced strawberry and mango pieces.
Tropic thunder slushie
Green bubble tea punch
We finished our lunch session with refreshing drinks: their green bubble tea punch $10 (green tea, passionfruit syrup and fresh lemon topped with soda) and tropic thunder slushie $10 (coconut water, watermelon, fresh lime, passionfruit and ginger).

Gingergirl definitely captures the fun and vibrancy of Southeast Asia. Check it out before the pop-up ends!

Team Ramen Raff was invited by Access PR as a guest of Gingergirl.

The Star Sydney
80 Pyrmont St
Pyrmont NSW

Opening hours:
Sunday to Monday at 11.30am – 9.00pm, Tuesday to Thursday at 11.30am – 10.30pm
Friday to Saturday at 11.30am – 11.00pm125


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