Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Burger Head, Penrith

Attention Western Sydney and fellow burger geeks! There's going to be a new kid in town and it looks very promising! It's been announced that Tim Rosenstrauss (ex Master), Richard Borg (ex Momofuku Seibo), Josh DeLuca (ex Quay Restaurant) will soon unveil their burger haven called Burger Head.

It will be the latest joint to hit the Western Sydney burger scene. The Burger Head will open at Henry Street in Penrith in a few weeks time with the usual burger menu suspects that includes mash, fried chicken, and milkshakes plus items like puffed pork crackling, craft beers and cocktails. Fortunately, they had a stall at Penrith's first Aussie Night Markets earlier this evening where they showcased samples of what to expect from The Burger Head. I was able to try their burgers and it is mind blowing stuff folks! Expect nothing less of excellent.

You can keep it simple and have fries with your burger. But I took it to the next level by ordering puffed pork. It is basically spiced puffed pork ($5) crackling that's flavoursome, crisped and airy.

Bacon cheeseburger

Their cheeseburger ($10) is off the chainz!! Smashed beef patty, pickles, American cheese and a creamy house secret sauce in a lightly toasted milk bun. Their own juicy patty blend was cooked medium rare and had a perfect caramelised crust that gave it super extra umami. The meat was slightly coarsely minced which kept pockets of amazing meat juice. Just like shake shack's! It is simple, perfect and executed freakin' well! You can easily handle it with one hand and have a drink in the other. You need to get this with extra bacon ($4). It was crispy and smoky!
Fried chicken burger
The fried chicken burger ($14) had lettuce, sauce and coated chicken patty. The coating had crispy edges and the tender thigh meat was juicy and flavoursome. The spices used was the highlight! 
Shroom and kale burger
Last but not least was the shroom and kale burger ($14). This is possibly the best veggie burger I have come across to date. The combination of the smoked mushrooms and kale with the daikon cabbage slaw was sensational! So packed with umami!
Roasted white chocolate milkshake
Also, I flashed it all down with roasted white chocolate milkshake($15). Loved the nutty and caramel flavours!

I can't wait to try the rest of their creations when the shop opens! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

The Burger Head
Shop 17, 98 Henry Street

Penrith NSW


  1. I tried the Beef Burger at the Aussie Nightmarkets and it was delicious!!! I'm looking forward to the opening can't wait!!!

  2. I was there last night and had the Beef Burger which was delicious I can not wait for them to open!!!!!

  3. Man those are some seriously impressive cooking credentials there! Can't wait to check them out for myself :)
    And Bovine in Jan!!!

  4. Penrith represent! That bacon cheeseburger looks the biz!


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