Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Burger Bro?, Martin Place - Sydney

Update (17 November 2015): Burger Bro has reverted back to their old menu

"Burger bro?" That's what I ask myself everyday. Oh man, if only my metabolism would allow daily consumption of cheeseburgers! But a burger treat every now and then is not bad. Speaking of burgers, a few months ago I visited the new and improved "Burger Bro?" located at Martin Place.

The main reason for the visit is to try their new menu created by Burger Bro's new head chef, my homie Joseph Galuvao. Some of you may be familiar with his work at Pub Life Kitchen under the awesome Jovan Curic. Joseph, his new menu, the new burgers and the change from dense buns to soft milk buns are the main improvements to Burger Bro. The space still remains the same as when it first opened - a mixture of modern diner and bar lounge interior.

Now, let's talk about the food:
Phat pork chips

Joseph gave us complimentary phat pork chips (normally $10) to try before our orders were ready. I'm a sucker for shoestring fries smothered with sauce so I really enjoyed this one. But  the best thing about it was the hidden pulled pork! It was one of the most juicy and smokey pulled pork I've come across in Sydney.
Grilled corn with Dorito salt and jerk crumb

Then our orders came out starting with the tasty grilled corn with Dorito salt and jerk crumb ($4). The cheesy, slightly salty and tangy flavour seasoning from the Dorito salt and jerk crumb worked well with the smokey grilled corn.

The benji ($14 - fries included) is their buttermilk fried chicken burger with slaw and mayo blend in a soft milk bun. The rippled coating was gloriously crunchy. The meat was juicy and seasoned well. The tangy creamy mayo and slaw was perfect for cutting through the richness of the fried chicken. This was one massive fried chicken burger!
Klasik Kiwi cheeseburger

Last but not least is the Klasik Kiwi Cheeseburger ($14 includes fries). This is a classic cheeseburger with juicy grilled flavoursome beef patty, onion, pickles, tomato sauce and mustard in a soft milk bun. This burger was not only delicious but it really handled well. The smokey patty along with the tangy flavours of the sauces, the sweet & sour pickles and the sweet bite from the onion made this legit cheeseburger a winner.

Traces of Joseph's experience at Pub Life Kitchen and his own signature creativity definitely shines through the new menu. Burger Bro under Joseph's care has become one of my favourite burger joints in Sydney.

Burger Bro?
53 Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000

Opening hours:

Monday to Frida 11am-9pm
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  1. haha lunch whenever you're back in the city?? :D

  2. Whoah that corn looks delish! And interesting to see PLK staffers spreading their wings!


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