Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Maslow's Nights at Maslow's, Naremburn

Life's a journey and bringing one's dream to life makes that journey quite spectacular. My buddy Chef Jack New re-opened Maslow's a few months ago at Naremburn. For 11 years, it's been his dream to create his own dinner menu in his own restaurant. That dream transpired into Maslow's Night Menu.

Beautiful flat white with Seven Seeds seasonal blend

Every Thursday to Saturday nights, you can indulge in Jack's new creations based on seasonal produce. You can choose between 2 courses ($45) or 3 courses ($60). There's a BYO corkrage of $5 if you want to bring in your own booze. Here's what we had on the night:

Entrée :
Beef pellmell with roasted beetroot dashi and soured cream

The beef Pelmeni with roasted beetroot dashi and soured cream tasted as beautiful as it looked. Pelmeni is a Russian-style dumpling where the pastry made from buttermilk stuffed with flavoursome beef. The pastry was cooked al dente. The beef filling was full of ginger and herby goodness. I would have liked the roasted beetroot dashi broth with more dashi punch but I still appreciated the lightness of the broth. The soured cream added body to the broth.
Black risotto with creamed cauliflower and curried cashews

Jack's passion for cooking seafood was evident in his black risotto with creamed cauliflower and curried cashews. The risotto also had squid ink and pieces of nicely cooked squid meat. The dish had a salty taste balanced with sweet and nutty flavours. The buttery flavour from the curried cashews  and sweet creamed cauliflower also helped to mellow down strong flavours in the dish.

Grilled swordfish with zucchini, edamame and brown butter

Another dish that made Jack's seafood cooking prowess shine was the grilled swordfish with zucchini, edamame and brown butter. The swordfish was very smokey and perfectly cooked. The browned butter and swordfish was a perfect match. The butter just goes well with the smokey fish. The zucchini and edamame brought nice sweet elements to the dish.
Braised beef cheek with slow roasted carrot and maple miso

The massive braised beef cheek with  slow roasted carrots and maple miso was an excellent dish! The beef cheeks went through a 2-day process and ended up extremely tender, buttery and flavoursome. The carrot is glazed with maple miso for extra sweetness. The carrot absolutely complimented the beef. It also came with crisp kipfler chips.

Tea poached pear with creme fraiche and smoked lavender
We tried the tea poached pear with crème fraiche and smoked lavender. The pear was soft with additional sweet herbal flavours. The smoked lavender pieces almost had a chewy consistency with a sweet taste. The crème fraiche was a good accompaniment to the smoked lavender and gave it a nice contrasting texture.
Butterscotch mousse with beignets and toasted almonds

Last but not least is a dessert that blew my mind: the butterscotch mousse with beignets and toasted almonds. I looked forward to this the most because I know that Jack's butterscotch game is strong. The mousse was just beautiful with its buttery and toffee flavours. The perfect mini beignets (Louisiana-style doughnuts) were fluffy with a slight crisped shell. The mousse and the beignets along with the icing sugar and almonds were absolute bliss in a plate.

Jack's love for various cuisines with highlights of Japanese and European influences are very evident in his dinner menu dishes. Maslow's Nights is something one shouldn't miss.

Ramen Raff was invited as a guest of Maslow's.

Maslow's Nights
286 Willoughby Rd,
Naremburn NSW 2065

Maslow's dinner hours:

Thursday to Saturday from 6pm till late.
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  1. ermahgerd that braised beef cheek!

  2. The black risotto sounds delish and how tender does that braised beef cheek look!

  3. Beignets, almonds and butterscotch mousse sounds like the perfect sweet combo!! It definitely looks a treat too :)

  4. Love the presentation of the swordfish with layers of cucumber fish scale.

  5. Oh my gosh, how amazingly tender is that beef cheek!


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