Monday, August 10, 2015

Seoul Orizin, Haymarket - Sydney

I also have my own set of food blogging guidelines and one of them is "to visit where Grab Your Fork says fried chicken is awesome". One can never go wrong with Ms. GYF's fried chicken recommendations. One of those lead me to Seoul Orizin. 

In the heart of Sydney's Chinatown is where you'll find Seoul Orizin. The space has a simple cafe/bistro look with seating areas that can acommodate anywhere from 2 people to groups of 4 or 6 people. Here you'll find a variety from jjigae (similar to stew) to Chinese-Korean noodle dishes and the target of my visit, Korean Fried Chicken. 

We ordered jajangmyeon ($10), which is one of my favourite noodle dishes. I gotta admit, my obssession with this dish started from watching many K dramas. I just love how the heavy and thick black bean sauce hugs on to the noodles. It also had pork and vegetables in the sauce. The soft pieces of vegetables added extra sweetness to the sauce. 
Unlike the usual pickled radish that comes with Korean fried chicken, you get around four tasty banchan (side dishes). 
Spring onion fried chicken (Padak)
It was love at first bite when I had their spring onion fried chicken ($18 for plate half chicken) a.k.a. Padak. It had that beautiful rippled crunchy coating that we love in Korean Fried Chicken. The meat was juicy and perfectly cooked. The sweet soy sauce dressing was sweet with a bit of bite from the mustard. I like how they've added dressing onto the ribbons of spring onion too. It was absolutely beautiful. 
Sweet and spicy fried chicken

Another popular dish in their menu is the sweet and spicy fried chicken ($17 for half chicken). The chicken pieces were smothered in a sticky, sweet and tangy sauce that had a little bit of heat. Even after being glazed with sauce, the coating was still crunchy. Yes, it deserves fist pumps in the air!

To sum it up, I was impressed with what I've had from Seoul Orizin. The service and food I've tried were amazing. All that's left to say is that fried chicken here is definitely DAEBAK!

Seoul Orizon 

Shop 4, 203 Thomas Street, Chinatown, Sydney NSW 2000
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  1. lol I shall take my fried chicken recommendations very seriously from now on. Waitaminute.... I already do! Haha.... The cheese chicken isn't as good here as Sparrows Mill but the wasabi is awesome isn't it? Love that you rarely have to queue here either.

  2. mmm another fried chicken joint to hit up!

  3. hehe daebak! agreed :) love the spring onion one!

  4. their jajangmyeon looks damn good! and there's an egg!!!!

  5. You definitely can't fail when you live by that blogging rule... and we all know Helen's advice is best followed! I'm writing this one down to visit soon.


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