Sunday, August 2, 2015

Communion Coffee, Redfern

I recently had an amazing coffee at Redfern. There are so many espresso blends and single origins that I like but there's only a few that I have considered great. I've been following a Sutherland cafe and roaster called White Horse Coffee on Instagram for a while now. I just never had the chance to visit them. But then came the announcement of some awesome dudes from White Horse opening up their own cafe in Redfern. It was also mentioned that they will be showcasing White Horse coffee.

A few months ago, Kyle and Benji opened Communion Coffee in the heart of Redfern. It has three things I love: beautiful coffee, sexy smoked bbq dishes (only on weekends) and brewnuts from Brewtown. The space has a minimalist and homey vibe with good feels thanks to the late 90's and noughties hiphop music that was playing in the background. They had me at "Can I Get A" by Jay-Z!

Anyway, back to the coffee and food. This is what we had:

Piccolo latte

All beans by White Horse are roasted by their roasting arm, Fine Coffee Merchants. The White Horse house blend used for our piccolo latte ($3) and latte ($3) was sweet and bright with medium body. The milk was nicely textured and it wasn't too hot.

Dulce de leche cruffin

Besides having brewnuts, they also have cruffins from Brewtown. I ordered the dulce de leche cruffin ($5). There is much things to love about this croissant/muffin hybrid: The flaky outer edges, the buttery fluffy innards and the sweet dulce de leche filling was just decadent.
Portobello roll
We ordered a portobello roll ($10). The tasty smoked portobello mushroom had a soft meaty texture which was earthy and sweet in flavour. The slaw and pickles also worked well with the mushroom. Not only is the soft brioche bun perfect for handling the filling but its buttery goodness complimented the mushroom flavour perfectly too.
Brisket roll
One of the main reasons for this visit is to try their brisket roll ($10) and it was tops! Don't be fooled by the amount of slaw in this roll. The spice rubbed brisket is very smokey, flavoursome and tender.  The pickle and slaw were good for balancing out the flavours. The melted cheese added a nice touch to the brisket. The buttery soft brioche bun was also the perfect carrier for it all!

I'm a fan of what Kyle, Benji and the rest of Team Communion Coffee is doing. The service, food and coffee is excellent. I'm looking forward to what else they will be doing in the future in regards to coffee and smoked dishes. Redfern is so lucky to have Communion Coffee in their hood.

Communion Coffee
86 Redfern Street
Redfern NSW 2016

Monday to Friday: 6am-3pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8am-2pm
Bbq dishes only available on weekends from 8am-2pm(or until sold out)
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  1. Big thumbs up!!! The coffee is awesome, I've yet to try the food but towards the end of the week you can smell the smoker going in the backyard preparing for the weekend!!

  2. I still haven't tried a cruffin, and would love to!
    And can never go wrong with dulce!

  3. So many cool cafes opening in Redfern. Am keen to check out their weekend bbq!


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