Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Maslow's, Pymble (Re-opened in Naremburn)

This location is closed. Maslows has re-opened at a new location in Naremburn. Click on the link below to read about the new Maslows:

There are three things that I personally look for in a cafe: a "down to earth" feel, seasonal approach to their menu and they handle coffee with respect. It all starts with an excellent cup of coffee and everything else falls into place.

Entrance to Maslow's is on the right side of this house

Head barista Tom working' the La Marzocco Strada

That's how it is with the new Maslow's in Pymble. It's a garage converted to a specialty cafe. It's got the whole hipster look with a warm pleasant vibe. The beans used for their espresso-based drinks are sourced from Seven Seeds and Drop Coffee Roasters (a Dutch Roaster) is used for their filter coffees. Chocolatesuze and I decided to check them out a few weeks back to see what the rave reviews were all about.

Piccolo latte

First thing's first, we ordered some caffeinated beverages starting with a piccolo latte ($3.50). Tom (head barista) got the milk temperature spot on which allowed the flavours from Seven Seeds seasonal blend to shine. It was a blend of Guatemalan and Ethiopian beans. It had a medium to full body with fruity, mild chocolate and light spice notes.

Filter coffee - Ethiopia Hunkute by roasted Drop Coffee

We also tried a pour over filter coffee ($5) from Ethiopia Hunkute (roasted by Drop Coffee). It was aromatic and it had a medium body with notes of jasmine and grapefruit.

Mr Pig

The Mr Pig ($10) was a brioche roll with braised pork, 62 degrees celcius egg, and baby salad. The brioche was not as fluffy as I'd hope it would be but it was still buttery. The braised pork had a delicious sweet and bacon-like flavour.

Draco Mille Feuille

The Draco Mille Feuille ($17) was such a delicate and pretty looking dish. It had  62 degrees celcius egg, black pudding, grilled onion reduction and wafer flaky pastry. The reduction had a nice sweet and buttery flavour. The black pudding (blood sausage) was the star of this dish with its slightly tangy ham-like flavour. A slice of sourdough bread would be a perfect side to absorb and scoop out all the grilled onion reduction goodness.

Victoria's secret

Victoria's secret ($10) -  scones with passion fruit and cream.

Cheeky frolick

The Cheeky frolick ($25) was my favourite out of all the dishes we've tried. It had Northern Rivers braised beef cheeks, carrot and miso. The beef cheeks itself were absolutely tender, juicy, rich and flavoursome. The carrot miso component had consistency of somewhere in-between a pureé and sauce that was creamy and sweet. It came with slices of sourdough (sourced from Sonoma) to scoop out the carrot miso.

Iced coffee

I also bought a takeaway of their bottled iced coffee. The sweet notes from the Seven Seeds blend were pretty radiant.

I really enjoyed our visit at Maslow's. It is an all-round cafe with top-notch coffee and excellent honest comfort food. I'm looking forward to what they will come up with soon especially for the next season!

1116 Pacific Highway
Pymble NSW

Transport: across from Pymble train station

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 7am to 4pm
Saturday to Sunday 8:00 to 3pm

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  1. Awesome pics dude! Everything looks delicious!

  2. Yes to the Cheeky frolick....err the beef cheeks :) Love the graffitied sign.

  3. I think I'll have to share this place with my fiance, he loves good coffee, and it's not too far from us!

  4. that beef cheek!!! :D
    I think I would buy that take away iced coffee just for the bottle HAHAHA!!

  5. we need to go back for the balmain bugs!

  6. I did enjoy the few times I went to Maslow's, most especially their intruiging dish names!

  7. Such a hidden little spot! Always a fan of black pudding and loving the sound of that iced coffee too.

  8. Being a 'northshorer', born a bread, I love reading articles based on businesses located on the North Shore! I couldn't agree more - it all starts with a great coffee, the rest follows. The coffee looks great here too - loving the colour.


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