Monday, November 17, 2014

Glazed Hand-Crafted Doughnuts, Sydney

Doughnuts are a classic treat I will never get sick of. Sugar glazed and chocolate frost glazed American-style ring doughnuts are my absolute favourite. Back in the days, my cousins and I grew up in Manila with so much love for Dunkin' Donuts. I could devour eight doughnuts in one sitting. I was an eating machine back then and remnants of that eating capacity still exist. Anyhow, the popularity of doughnuts is back and we've recently seen this happening in Melbourne.

Sydney is about to experience it too and it will be in the form of Eden Elan and Candy Berger's Glazed Hand-Crafted Doughnuts. Eden and Candy were born and raised in Cali and are now making their mark in Sydney with their specialty handcrafted doughnuts. They supply to coffee shops like Kingswood and Tap Espresso. Each doughnut base comes out fluffy with a bit of body.  Here are the flavours that I've tried so far:

My favourite out of all their current flavours is the sticky date doughnut ($4.50). It's the perfect marriage of butterscotch glaze and medjool dates. It is very addictive! The butterscotch is Candy's grandma's recipe.

The piña colada doughnut ($4.50) also amazed me! It really reminded me of a piña colada drink with the combined flavours of caramelised sailor jerry soaked pineapple and coconut dusting. The vanilla bean glaze is the pefect base flavour component that completes the awesomeness of this doughnut.

The peach cobbler ($4.50) was a very summery flavour doughnut. The white nectar peach glazed with crumble was a nice combo. The hidden sour peach gummie within the doughnut was such a treat!

The cereal milk doughnut ($4.50) was also nice with its cereal milk infused glaze and crushed cinnamon toast crunch cereal.

Last but not least is the chocolate brownie doughnut ($4.50). I like the pieces of fudge brownie on top of the doughnut but it was the luscious dark Belgian chocolate ganache that got my attention. It was a perfectly balanced chocolate ganache glaze that had a subtle sweet notes and with no dark chocolate bitterness as well.

I can sum up Glazed Hand-Crafted Doughnuts in three words: classic, innovative, and LEGIT. I'm super excited to try all their upcoming flavours.

Glazed Hand-Crafted Doughnuts
Currently available at Tap Espresso, Kingswood Cafe, Reuben Hills, Sensory Lab Bondi, John Montagu and Sample Coffee


  1. donuts!! omg, so happy to see some fancy schmancy donuts making their way to sydney!! :D despite how heavy the brownie one looks, it sounds so freaking amazing!

  2. Bahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! The Sticky Date Doughnut is totally making eyes at me!!

  3. omg!! i think i hear the pina colada donut calling for meeee!!

  4. the pina colada and milk cereal ones look delish!

  5. Whaaat, why have I not eaten donuts in a year!? These look so good :D
    I want to try the sticky date one especially!

    Choc Chip Uru

  6. OMG I'd totally get the butterscotch one!

  7. Oh my...piña colada doughnut FTW!!! :D

  8. Totally agree that doughnuts are something you can never get sick of. These ones look utterly delish! Peach cobbler for me please :)

  9. Argh must get my mitts on these! I want them ALL.

  10. WHY do you do this to me!! HAHA they look amazing. Doughnuts are totally a weakness of mine.

  11. I just read about these guys in Broadsheet recently! I hope they come North of the Bridge soon. :)


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