Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pub Life Kitchen, Ultimo

Sydney has an aBUNdance of excellent burger places. Areas like the CBD, Potts Point, Newtown, Coogee, Surry Hills and even the Northwest suburb of Glenhaven have been serving us up with flippin' amazing burgers. Now, Ultimo has joined the line-up with the Pub Life Kitchen.

Some of you may remember them from their old spot on Wentworth Avenue, Surry Hills. After a few pop-ups in the last year, they have recently made The Lord Wolseley Hotel in Ultimo their new home. Pub Life Kitchen's new space has a mixture of vintage and diner look.  I've read about their delicious creations through a few blogs back in 2012 and have been following Pub Life's footsteps ever since. They serve pub staples like chips with gravy, schnitzels, steak & chips and burgers (or BRGRS as they call them). Some items are kept classic and others are served with a twist. I finally got to try what the Pub Life has to offer, thanks to the food loving people that I got to dine with. We were all united by a common goal: to eat ALL the burgers!
Fries with bone marrow gravy
We started with some fries with bone marrow gravy ($8). The fries were perfectly crisped and seasoned. The bone marrow gravy was next level in taste! The bone marrow made the gravy extra buttery and sweet.
Cheesey polenta chips with jalapeno mayo
The cheesey polenta chips with jalapeno mayo ($8) was logs of happiness with fluffiness. It was lightly crisped on the outside while being fluffy inside almost like a firm scrambled egg texture with cheesy flavour.
Sticky hot wangs
The sticky hot wangs ($9) are deep fried chicken wings that are quite similar to buffalo wings. The sticky hot wangs though had less heat and more sweetness. The batter coating was crunchy and the rippley texture was a nice contrast to the sauce. I also loved the notes of cayenne pepper in the sticky hot sauce.
Grilled corn cub with salty malt vinaigrette
The grilled corn cob with salty lime malt vinaigrette ($6) was a smokin' top snack. It really did have a smoky flavour that may have been the result of the grilling and the salty lime malt vinaigrette.
The bird
The Bird burger ($18) had dorito fried chicken, jack cheese, slaw and mayo in a soft sweet bun. The chicken was juicy and the golden batter coating had a nice crunch. The slaw and mayo went well with the chicken in terms or texture and flavours.
The O.G. burger
The O.G. ($18) burger is the Original Gangsta indeed! It had medium rare beef patty, jack cheese, salad, onion jam, roast garlic and lime aioli in a soft sweet bun. Though the sweetness of the onion jam can be the dominant flavour at times, the whole burger was still overall badass!

But it was the cheeseburger ($17) that swooned me. It was classic and simply perfect! It had housemade beef patty, double jack cheese, pickles, onion, tomato sauce and mustard.  The tasty patty was cooked medium rare and seasoned well. There's just something magical from the simple mixture of tomato sauce the zingy mustard. The sweet and sour flavours from the pickles and red onions balances out the burger.
Snickers sundae: Snickers gelato, dulce de leche, smashed snickers, peanuts and pork crackles

Team Pub Life Kitchen knows how to bring the best out of pub and diner staples. They can keep it beautifully simple or take a classic to the next level. I will definitely be back for more of that Pub Life Kitchen flava.

Pub Life Kitchen
The Lord Wolseley Hotel
265 Bulwara Road
Ultimo NSW

Trading Hours
Tuesday to Saturday: Lunch 12-3pm, Dinner 6-10pm

Sunday 12-5pm
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  1. i see ifat is rubbing off on everyone! the bird burger looks great!

  2. The OG won me over but the cheeseburger wasn't far behind!

  3. mm yes the cheeseburger :D can't wait until next weds for the BRGR experiment!

  4. Oh I love the burgers here so good to see their back! and bone marrow gravy sounds awesome!

  5. Helloooooo Cheeseburger!! The patty looks square!!!!!..I don't know why I'm so excited about that...

  6. I'm still devo that I wasn't able to make this one. Ahhh, gotta get my burger pants on.

  7. Another burger recommendation from Raff. Must be good. Will add this one to my burger list :)

  8. It's a big call calling the cheeseburger perfect given the fact that you're a pro at it hahaha. Really keen to try! And OMG bone marrow gravy! :)

  9. such a shame i wasn't able to make it, love how good everything looked!

  10. all those burgers AND fries with bone marrow gravy?! damnnnn that sounds gooood

  11. Wowsers. This is very exciting. Cannot wait to give it a go!


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