Monday, September 8, 2014

LP's Quality Meats, Chippendale

As a dude, I love getting my protein on. In fact, protein is a big part of my daily diet. Over the weekend, I've had my week-worth dose of iron and protein. It's thanks to all the meat I ate at Chef Luke Powell's new restaurant, LP's Quality Meats.

Chef Luke was a former head chef at Tetsuya's and Mary's of Newtown and has now opened his own domain. His new joint LP's Quality Meats specialises in smokehouse-style barbecue meats cooked low and slow as well as cured and cold cuts. The place had a rustic diner feel. It's only been operating for less than two weeks and it's already getting crowds of diners. Amongst these diners were my food loving companions and I who where there for a MEAT up.

Cold and cured cuts: Coppa di testa, bierwurst and belly ham

We started with some cold and cured cuts coppa di testa ($12), bierwurst ($12) and belly ham ($12). The belly ham was my favourite with its delicate sweet and savoury flavours that finished with a nice soft texture.

Smoked salmon

I really liked the smoked salmon ($18). The smoky flavour was subtle and the smudge of aioli gives it an extra complimenting flavour and silkiness to the texture. I also enjoyed the contrast of the crunchy capers!

Left: mashed potato, right: kale and chickpea salad

The nicely seasoned mashed potato and gravy ($10) was all about fluffiness and happiness! It was slightly creamy and buttery.

Do not judge the kale and chickpea salad too soon until you've tried it as it was quite amazing! It had a sweetish dressing that complimented the kale and the nutty flavour from the chickpea was also a nice touch.

Eggplant salad

The eggplant salad ($12) was addictive and definitely smoky! It’s almost like chutney and I could taste taste spices like paprika and cumin. 

Toulouse sausage, lamb shoulder, half smoked chicken and beef tri-tip

More beef tri-tip

Bread ($2 each)
Then there's the tray of smoked bbq meats! My favourite was the tender beef tri-tip ($28) that had a bold smoky flavour and it was also juicy. The brilliant Toulouse sausage ($14) was well seasoned with buttery and light sweet flavours. The super tasty lamb shoulder ($24 - a special of the day) was succulent and the meat came off the bone with little effort. The half chicken ($24) was probably the least smoky of the group but was nonetheless delicious.

Pouding chomuer

It was love at first bite after I had my portion of the pouding chomeur ($12). It's a French Canadian sweet & sticky cake pudding dessert that is messy amazing! The cake pudding poured with maple syrup and water, which turns into caramelised maple sauce after being baked. It is served warm with vanilla ice cream. Once the vanilla ice cream, pudding and maple sauce comes together, a combined exuberant flavour comes through and it becomes so addictive.

LP's entrance and their bouncer (he too likes his high-protein diet)

LP's Quality Meats is the perfect joint for a meat-ing session to get your smoky barbecue on. Great service and great meats equals one heck of a smokin' time!

LP's Quality Meats
Suite 1, 16 Chippen St,
Chippendale, Sydney NSW
Phone: (02) 8399 0929

Opening hours:
WED – SAT: Dinner  5pm–11pm
FRIDAY: Lunch 12noon–3pm
SUNDAY:  12noon–10pm
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  1. everything here looks so good! really want to try the pouding chomeur :)

  2. I am still dreaming about the pouding chomuer~

  3. That bouncer is a champ! I dropped by here a few days after they opened to check out the venue from the outside (no plans to eat as I already had dinner). He was very friendly and did a really good job selling this place and gave us a takeaway menu.

    I can't wait to try LP's, everything looks super enticing! Maybe I will just order all the smoked meats, if my stomach permits :P

  4. I'm not a dude but I love my meat too :) That Toulouse sausage looks beautiful :) :)
    Would love to try this place!

  5. Can't wait to visit soon! Only because protein is good for your health, ehem

  6. Is it weird that I'm more excited about that bread roll? Love the look of the eggplant salad as well. :)

  7. Protein load soon, thanks for sharing!!

  8. I'm having a thing for mash lately, and it's ... mash hahaha ...
    so when i saw your mash I'm all in heaven! haha fluffiness and happiness ... you got me! ;)
    everything else looks awesome, my belly is rumbling, or it could be lunch calling, but i want LPs meats!! :D

  9. so much glorious meat! definitely in meat heaven! the eggplant dish looks nice too

  10. That tri-tip sounds awesome. A shame you guys didn't get a chance to try the beef rib. It is epic.

  11. Your photos are amazing Raff! Mines all yellow LOL. Lets go back again and try the beef ribs next time! :)


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