Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sly, Surry Hills

One of my favourite areas in Surry Hills is the long-stretched Devonshire Street. Both ends of this street and its surroundings are full of places that will excite any food enthusiast. A few weeks ago, Sly opened up in the heart of Devonshire Street.

Sly has an industrial meets hipster kind of vibe. Chef Dean Wilkinson is the owner and head chef behind this rad cafe. Just like most cafes in this part of town, they offer coffees and pastries.  What sets them apart from the rest is their specialty on jaffles and toasties. My cafe-hopping buddy Chocolatesuze and I went to check out Chef Dean's work.

Piccolo latte

Flat white
They source their beans from Roastworks in Artarmon. The blend used in their espresso drinks ($3.50) like piccolo lattes and flat white is called the Snowqueen. It is a full-bodied blend that is also buttery with notes of chocolate.

The jamon and manchego toastie ($10) called out to me as soon as I glanced at the menu. After my first bite onto the crunchy toast, my palate was embraced by the toastie innards, which consisted of jamon, manchego cheese and a spread that's like spiced tomato relish. It tasted like pizza! The melted manchego was creamy and buttery that it made that moment absolute bliss for me. Something so simple tasted so awesome!
Mushroom stack

The mushroom stack ($14) was another outstanding dish. The silky and sexy baked mushrooms went perfectly with the sorrell, labna, tomato chutney and PX reduction. The creamy and milky labna with the sweet tomato relish works a treat like sweet chilli sauce and sour cream.
Notorious P.I.G.

If you love all things pork, then the Notorious P.I.G. ($16) is just for you! I was left "hypnotize" (also my favourite Notorious B.I.G. track) by the perfectly cooked braised pork shoulder, smoked speck, and chorizo on toast. The poached eggs with runny yolk complete the porky experience.
Duck and chestnut jaffle

On another visit, I had the duck and chestnut jaffle ($8.50). It was simple but amazing! The pulled duck meat was so tender. Along with the earthy chestnut and sweet prune sauce, this jaffle was absolutely delicious.
Chocolate tart with vanilla bean creme anglaise

Last but not least was their chocolate tart, which is made in the premises. The chocolate biscuit pastry and dark chocolate ganache filling was glorious! It was rich and luscious. The ganache had a mild bitter taste but once the vanilla bean crème anglaise was poured, the bitterness disappears. The anglaise gives the tart well-balanced flavours and slightly sweetens it. I highly recommend this!

If you want your jaffles and toasties with a twist and great coffee, then Sly is where you need to drop by!

212 Devonshire Street
Surry Hills NSW
Opening hours
Monday to Saturday 7am - 4pm

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  1. I hope they survive the light rail construction up Devonshire St!

  2. Just look at that cheese melting porn...so good! :D

  3. The Notorious PIG is awesome isn't it? I barely needed dinner after it. lol

  4. The food is looking mighty good! That sandwich - so simple but I bet that easily delivers the goods on taste. Delectable!

  5. Nothing beats a warm, cheesy toastie! On a second thought, maybe the chocolate tart can. It looks absolutely delish!

  6. Devonshire Street. in Surry is indeed an enticing place to visit due to various restaurants and attractions there.

  7. notorious PIG, such a cute name! hehe

  8. That is one sexy looking chocolate tart! And the melting cheese in the manchego toastie... whoa!

  9. that tart... looks so boss!

  10. Yummm.. I've always wanted to try this place and your photos made me definitely want to go even more! Must try this out, the mushroom stack and variety of jaffles sounds devine.


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