Friday, April 4, 2014

Kwila, Surry Hills

I'm so down with all that Melbourne laneway dopeness. As a matter of fact, I love the concept of laneway cafes. It could be the street cred vibe brought by laneway setting that draws me into this hipster joints. Thanks to Rui and CorridorKitchen's tip, I found another happy place in the form of Kwila.

Vic - Owner and barista

Kwila is a hidden gem tucked away in Foster St, Surry Hills. It's a laid-back type cafe with a hipster and industrial look. A dude named Mark is the artist behind the vibrant eccentric artwork on the walls. Vic (owner and barista) serves honest and brilliant coffee. Some of the best to hit Surry Hills! As a roaster himself, Vic takes full pride in his work and pours out so much passion into his coffee making.
Flat white
Piccolo latte
For their espresso drinks like flat white ($3.50) and piccolo latte ($3.50), he uses The Mayor blend, which is a house blend roasted by Blind Man Coffee. The coffees were medium to full body with nutty, buttery, chocolate and faint fruity notes. The textured milk temperature was perfect and optimised to bring the best out of the blend.

He also does cold drips ($3.50) and I was able to sample a single origin from Ethiopia Sidamo. It was earthy and fruity. But with a drop of lime wedge on the cold drip coffee, it was like a whole new wonderful world opened up. The citrus element of the lime made the coffee sweeter.

Smashed eggs and tomato on sourdough toast with chimichurri
They also have muesli, pastries and other sweet treats available. The hot food we available on a regular basis soon. I was lucky enough to sample their smashed egg and tomato on sourdough toast with chimichurri (around $6.50-$7.00). It's one of those perfect in it's simplicity type dishes. But it's smudging some of their amazing garlicy housemade chimichurri on the eggs, tomato and toast that makes the dish extra delicious.

If you're after rad coffee in a chilled environment and surrounded by friendly coffee loving individuals, then Kwila is a place you must visit. Follow them on Instagram and like them on Facebook for more updates on their upcoming hot plates.

Shop 7, 46 Foster St
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Trading hours:
Monday to Friday 7:00am - 4:00pm
Saturday 8:30am - 1:00pm
Sunday 9:00am - 12:00pm


  1. this cafe looks so adorable! would love to dig into that smashed eggs with chimmichurri

  2. Great post as usual Raff - love the look of this cafe!

    More importantly, the smashed eggs on toast dish looks SO FETCH.

  3. Them smashed eggs look so dope ;)

  4. What a nice cafe! And yes, I do agree with you about Melb's cafe culture. It's like, the more obvious a place is with great frontage value, the more cafe owners steer clear from it. They choose the most obscure of places and is still always packed as! Would love me one of those cold drip coffees

  5. Always on the look out for great coffee in Sydney. I will definitely check this place out. Thanks for the review

  6. Interesting tip about adding lime juice to coffee! The chimichurri would have been awesome on eggs too.

  7. whoa awesome awesome shots! And that smashed egg looks mighty fine :) interesting about the lime - thought it was coke at first!


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