Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mary's, Newtown

Sydney’s fascination with American themed comfort cuisine continues. The feel good factor from every bite of a hearty burger and a scrumptious Southern fried chicken is what continues to draw people to this cuisine. Many have recreated delicious versions of hamburger and fried chicken. But a new place in Newtown has decided to stick to the classic and execute these dishes really well.
Mary's Newtown entrance on Mary's St

Mary's ground floor

Mary's upper floor
Diet coke coz I'm a responsible driver

A small bar called Mary’s serves classic cheeseburgers and Southern style fried chicken as bar food. Sides such as fries and mash & gravy are also available. Mary’s is located on Mary’s Street, Newtown. This new hip bar was cleverly put together by owners Kenny Graham (formerly from Gardel’s Bar) and Jacob Smyth (Formerly Bodega). Former Tetsuya chef, Luke Powell runs the kitchen. In spite of the dimmed areas of the place, the food shines brightly. After all the buzz on twitter and reading The Suz Chef’s and Grab Your Fork’s reviews, I planned a visit as soon as possible.

Fries (comes with the burger)
 When one talks about comfort food, fries or hot chips is commonly mentioned. The fries at Mary's are the kind we’ve grown accustomed to seeing in fast food joints, shoestring-like fries cooked perfectly and well seasoned.
Cheeseburger (with fries) $14
If you are after an amazing classic cheeseburger, then this is the place for you. The cheese is nicely melted and the beef patty is very flavoursome and smoky. The bun takes this burger to another level. It is very soft, fluffy and slightly sweet.
Fried chicken (Half bird) $14

The fried chicken is cooked in true Southern style. It has a thin-crisped batter and is well spiced. The combination of flavours from cayenne pepper and black pepper was brilliant. Expect a slight kick from the combination of spices used. The meat is tasty and juicy. Overall, the fried chicken won my heart.

Tobasco hot sauce and salt in little Jack Daniel's bottles
This is another joint I see myself visiting over and over in the future. The place has a very chill out vibe and the comfort food is delicious. As we were full from so much awesomeness, there was no more space for the popular mash & gravy. To find out more about the mash and gravy, check out Grab Your Fork’s review.

6 Marys Street
Newtown NSW 2042

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 4pm-midnight;
Sat 12pm-midnight;
Sun 12pm-10pm
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  1. You are killing me Raff. This is more like a food pornographic post, esp with that cheese burger. z o m g o s h, I want it in ma belly now.

  2. Sigh I was drooling over that cheeseburger pic on instagram, I need to visit this place! Looks like serious comfort food heaven.

  3. I'm HUNGRY & this post isn't helping!! Might kick K out of bed to get some food for me & baby.... Hehehe.
    Chicken is fantastic isn't it? And agree that the bun makes the burger!

  4. hmhmhmhm i really want some fried chicken now... enjoyed this place also!

  5. I went here last week - LOVED the mash + gravy which is perfect for dipping the fried chook (loved the spicy bater) into. Need to try the Mary's burger as had the cheeseburger last week.

  6. We all know that fried chicken and good burgers makes raff happy! Glad there's another one to add to your list. Oh man, I need me some grub food right now!

  7. been waiting for your new posts! so much raving reviews about this place, must check it out soon!

  8. Fried chicken has a special place in my heart, all day every day! Been hearing some pretty rave reviews about Mary's - gotta drag my ass there pronto!

  9. That fried chicken does look amazing. I also love those Jack Daniels hot sauce bottles. I feel like I should buy itty bitty alcohol bottles and do the same thing!

  10. ermahgerd! really really really want to go for that classic cheeseburger, totally my thing! have to wait until first wk of june cause i promised i would try it with my friend >< not sure if i can wait that long haha.

  11. I had the best cheese burger at Shake Shack in NYC and I never thought I would be able to top it. I am really keen to try it because if it is as good as Shake Shack then I am set!


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